Communication across locations in the healthcare sector at Gedikom

Fast exchange in the field of outpatient care is elementary. Data protection requirements as well as the secure handling of relevant information for patient care are only one hurdle in the field of modern communication, which is successfully mastered by stashcat.

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Modern communication in over 80 on-call practices

Reaching all employees, exchanging shift schedules or increasing information distribution in case of changes in the duty roster, thanks to stashcat all employees receive all important messages. Promoting a corporate identification in a decentralized corporate structure is one of the goals for using a modern messenger.

Use Cases

How to save time and simplify your everyday work with stashcat

Failure of an employee
A medical assistant is absent from an on-call practice on a holiday and calls in sick to the supervisor.
Failure of an employee
Search for replacement personnel
The supervisor creates a survey in stashcat to find substitute staff quickly. Thanks to the survey function, all possible substitutes are informed and it quickly becomes apparent that two employees can fill in as substitutes.
Search for replacement personnel
Distribution of information
The substitute is selected and informed. In the individual chat, the employee is provided with exact details of the work schedule change.
Distribution of information
Guaranteed patient care
Thanks to the quick response to changes in the work schedule, the care of patients can still be guaranteed on site.
Guaranteed patient care


Features that make everyday work easier

Quickly and clearly exchange messages and files at individual locations or across the entire company. stashcat offers extensive features and capabilities for daily use in the workplace. You can find a list of our features here.


Read here to find out which features are our customers’ favorites and which are used most often and effectively at Gedikom and other healthcare companies.

User roles

Create and manage authorization roles for users.

Contact groups

Divide locations or departments into groups. Better find colleagues and enable or restrict communication channels.

Import users

Import larger sets of users, even if no Active Directory is available.

Number of users: 1,000 - 5,000
Location: Bayreuth, Germany
Industry: Care, Healthcare, Medicine
Gedikom represents the health service communication and offers professional, telephone consultation and mediation services for the health service in the medical service center. For example, on-call practices will support doctors on duty. Learn how Gedikom benefits from the GDPR-compliant High Secure Messenger stashcat.


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Why Gedikom relies on modern communication in the healthcare sector

stashcat is optimal for ensuring fast and secure communication in over 80 on-call practices. Whether on the road or at the workplace, via desktop, web or app, all employees can be reached anytime and anywhere.

Encrypted and fast exchange in the field of medicine and care is elementary. Data protection requirements and the secure handling of information relevant to patient care are just one hurdle in the field of modern communication that we successfully overcome.

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