Messenger Features and Chat

Save time and money with stashcat. Writing and sending a message via instant messaging is a straightforward and fast way of communication and can improve the exchange in your company. With stashcat, you choose a high-security Messenger with File Storage and other built-in Collaboration Tools that maps team communication and organization securely and according to business demands.

Learn more about the helpful ways to map enterprise communications in a structured and organized way here. Private and group conversations are just a few of the many advantages, along with controllable Top-Down Communication in Read-Only Channels.

Private and Group Chats

Exchange information with each other in conversations through Private or Group Chats. Your conversation content and sent files always remain in a secure environment. Your conversations take place in a setting which is not accessible to others. So in addition to the #Channels, you have another way to communicate with colleagues fast and easily via stashcat!

Business conversations via Chat and #channel

It’s the details that simplify and improve communication in everyday work. Control targeted conversations by replying directly to messages using the quote feature. Support meaningful messages with a “Like” or use the appropriate selection of Emojis to add emotion to a message even from the home office. Mark content with high priority to quickly locate it later on.

Chat settings

You always want to keep your most important chats visible and traceable? Mark them as favourites and export entire conversation histories. Simultaneously, you can archive ended or unimportant conversations or mute them for a certain period of time.

Organized exchange for groups in #Channels