Contacts and Contact Management

stashcat is 100% designed for secure and GDPR-compliant business communication: That’s why the Business Messenger apps do never access contact and phone books on your devices.


Contact Groups allow your company to optionally control who can communicate with whom via Messenger. Even communication among multiple companies can be mapped with stashcat through Multi-Client Capability.


By the way: despite having an internal contact book, you can collaborate with external parties such as clients, service providers or project partners. For this purpose, stashcat offers numerous possibilities such as Guest Accounts, Public Links to Video Conferences, Public Links to Shared Files or Folders and much more.

Without mobile phone numbers
Reach all colleagues fast and secure

Many messengers – especially from the consumer sector – access your private Contact and Address Book. stashcat shows you all contacts of your organization in an integrated internal Contact Book, without access to your Phone Book or private mobile phone numbers. Map your organizational structures completely in stashcat.


Among your contacts you will find – depending on your settings – all your colleagues and/or Contact Groups, sorted by name. User Synchronization allows you to synchronize and update contacts. Optionally via CSV or via a directory service, such as LDAP/AD (Active Directory).

All contacts secure and reachable

Contact import

Contacts can be imported manually or synchronized using existing directory services such as LDAP or Active Directory.

Contact groups

Existing structures from mail distribution lists, telephone chains or WhatsApp groups can be mapped to contact groups as needed.

Integrated contact book - without phone numbers