[...] Receiving and sending texts or images almost in real time - on a voluntary basis even with a private smartphone - closes an important gap in information control among emergency forces.
Minister of Lower Saxony for the Internal Affairs and Sport
At the City of Verden, stashcat facilitates our work in the home office and convinces with its simple and fast functionality. The fact that the company is based in Germany also played a role in the choice of communication medium. The exchanged data is hosted in a German data center in compliance with GDPR.
Internal Service Department, EDP Department at the City of Verden
[...] represents a valuable expansion of the communication options. The integration of NIMes into the [...] control center is thus a promising step toward the mission communication of the future.
Chief of Police of the Central Police Directorate of Lower Saxony (ZPD)
stashcat conviced us with its simple channel function, the practical file storage options and the user assignment via e-mail instead of phone number. Also great for us in the office: the desktop client, where we can simply drag and drop documents into the chat.
Managing Director of Axtra GmbH & Co KG
When we need to talk about the health of our players on short notice, stashcat is the optimal tool for us.
Sports Manager, DIE RECKEN
The central communication tool enables an immediate exchange with all parties involved. All members of the crisis team thus have a good overview.
Office for Information Processing,
Deputy Head of Office of the City of Cologne
[...] it was impossible to imagine business communication via WhatsApp without it. Against the background of the General Date Protection Regulation, a no-go. [...] Therefore, we replace WhatsApp with stashcat.
Owner and Managing Director Regobus Uhlendorff
Sending and receiving directly [...] from our communication system using stashcat is borth a time saver and a quality enhacer for active duty communication.
Managing Director Frequentis Germany
[...] For everyone's safety, our munitions recovery always strives to meet the highest standards. stashcat helps us do that - thanks to our own hosting, important things remain safe and secure.
Department management of the GEO Service at Kampfmittelbergung GmbH
Communication in the district administration gets faster and easier with the use of stashcat.
Human Resources, Organization and IT, Kreis Borken
There are very few GDPR-compliant messengers in the EU and fewer systems that really run on all platforms (windows, android, macOS, iOS etc.) - stashcat can do it!
Managing Director, EDV Unternehmensberatung Floß GmbH

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