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The requirements of modern communication are getting more and more complex. With stashcat, EGGERS has found a way to communicate precisely and quickly on the challenges of munitions recovery. Explore how they use the Business Messenger.

Customer-Story EGGERS Munitions Recovery

Highest precision is essential for survival. Data encryption and coordination of projects with stashcat

“There is data that should not leave a company”. This wish of the owner, coupled with the requirement to respond to the fast-moving information needs of employees and stakeholders, the foundation for cross-company communication in the company group was laid with the introduction of stashcat back in 2018. EGGERS Kampfmittelbergung kicked things off by operating on its own server, and integration into the existing IT landscape was particularly important. Precision in site sharing, communication in defined work groups and its own document management round off the system.

Use Cases

Munitions recovery even more than 70 years after the end of the war

Message bomb suspicion case
A construction site is reported by the developer due to a suspected bomb case (in the city center). Further measures are discussed; due to the hazardous situation, efficient and fast communication is required.
Message bomb suspicion case
Communication via group chat
This is followed by an internal project meeting between geophysics, surveying and civil engineering. The local analysis of the condition, site division and documentation through photos and videos take place in the project channel in stashcat.
Communication via group chat
Project documentation
The execution of surface detection and project documentation including ongoing feedback is organized in project channels.
Project documentation
Export for client
The suspicion is not confirmed, the construction site is released and the information is sent to the administration. The history is exported for the client via PDF export.
Export for client


Features that make everyday work easier

stashcat offers extensive features and capabilities for everyday use in the workplace. You can find a listing of our features here.


Read here which features are the favorites of our customers and which are most often and effectively used at EGGERS Munitions Recovery are used.

User management on own server

Thanks to LDAP/AD connection, user management can be easily integrated into the existing IT landscape. In addition, end-to-end encryption and hosting on your own server gives you absolute data control and dynamic communication.

Coordination via individual or group chat

Site projects and administration can be coordinated in real time in work groups and important information such as plans, photo documentation or geodata is transmitted immediately and directly to all those involved - whether in the administration area or in the field.

Share location - with just one click and pinpoint accuracy

Standort-Informationen und zukünftige Einsatzgebiete können mit nur einem Klick punktgenau markiert und in #Channels oder Chat geteilt werden, die Präzision ist dabei überlebenswichtig.

Logo_Eggers Gruppe_250x250
EGGERS Kampfmittelbergung GmbH
Number of users: 500 - 1.000
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Industry: Construction, Industry
Even more than 70 years after the end of the war, there are hundreds of thousands of unexploded ordnance in the soil and on the bottom of bodies of water. The experts of the EGGERS Group take over the search and recovery of all kinds of war legacies. In terms of communication, the EGGERS Group counts on the DSGVO-compliant high-security messenger stashcat, with which the possibility has been found to exchange information precisely and quickly on the challenges of explosive ordnance disposal - hosted on its own server!


Do it like the EGGERS munitions recovery

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stashcat has established itself as the ideal communication and exchange medium in the highly dynamic organizational structure of munitions recovery. [...]
Oliver Geisler, Dipl.-Geophysiker
Department management of the GEO Service
[...] For everyone's safety, our munitions recovery always strives to meet the highest standards. stashcat helps us do that - thanks to our own hosting, important things remain safe and secure.
Oliver Geisler, Dipl.-Geophysiker
Department management of the GEO Service


If that's not enough for you ...

… the GEO Service department manager will tell you why stashcat is exactly the right solution for your company, too.

Why munitions recovery loves stashcat

The modern requirements for communication media are becoming more and more complex and are nowadays rightly concerned with topics such as data protection and efficiency. With stashcat, EGGERS has found the possibility to precisely and quickly exchange information on the challenges of explosive ordnance disposal – hosted on its own server!

In addition to project-related communication, stashcat also supports you in motivating employees by transmitting customer feedback between the office and field staff. The same level of information not only promotes efficient cooperation, but also the team members’ sense of togetherness.

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