DIE RECKEN: Current challenges of communication in professional sports

Everybody will benefit from stashcat: players are able to discuss with the trainer in groups and club managers can exchange information with the treating physicians. Documents such as strategy concepts or training plans can be exchanged securely. Read how this works for the National League team DIE RECKEN.

Customer-Story DIE RECKEN

Highly secure and professional: agreements between team, trainer, management, medical staff and physiotherapists

In professional sports, fast communication is particularly important. DIE RECKEN need a solution that allows them to exchange moves, transfers, coordination of the training schedule and other critical information quickly and reliably with a good feeling.


It must also be possible to exchange information with doctors and physiotherapists in an uncomplicated manner. Personal data is communicated in the process, which is why compliance with the DSGVO plays a particularly important role.


The solution? With stashcat, data is transmitted end-to-end encrypted and only via German servers. In addition, stashcat offers important and helpful integrated tools such as a calendar and a survey function, which are fully integrated. This enables highly professional team collaboration in all aspects.

Use Cases

Clear planning via Messenger - even for spontaneous changes.

Player injury
A player is injured during training. The coach contacts the medical team for treatment planning.
Player injury
Appointments are made directly in stashcat and the appointment is added to the integrated calendar.
Real-time information for trainers
All trainers are notified of treatment progress in real time via group chat. Additional documents with more in-depth information related to the injury are available in the file storage.
Real-time information for trainers
Plan changes
The team and coaches can immediately discuss the alternatives and make changes for the next training session.
Plan changes


Features that make everyday work easier

For DIE RECKEN it is important to have absolutely reliable accessibility, as well as secure communication of strategic and personal data, without “third parties being able to read” – and this with all the different bodies involved in the communication.


For this purpose, stashcat offers extensive features and possibilities for daily use. You can find a list of our features here.


Read here which features are the favorites of our customers and which are used most often and effectively by the RECKEN.

Security through end-to-end encryption

With the RECKEN, no one else is reading - thanks to the highly secure end-to-end encryption.

Mobile number independent

stashcat does not need access to the contact list of the phone. Change of mobile phone? No problem.

GDPR compliance

All requirements of the GDPR are implemented in the highly secure messenger. Server location: Germany.

TSV Hannover-Burgdorf Handball GmbH
Number of users: up to 50
Location: Hannover, Germany
Industry: Medicine, Organization, Sports
TSV Hannover-Burgdorf or DIE RECKEN is a handball team whose men's team has been playing in the 1st Handball Bundesliga since the 2009/10 season. Proper communication in professional sports is important and that's why DIE RECKEN rely on the DSGVO-compliant High Secure Messenger stashcat, which connects all team members - from the coach to the players to the medical staff and physiotherapists.


Do it like DIE RECKEN

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When we need to talk about the health of our players on short notice, stashcat is the optimal tool for us.
Sven-Sören Christophersen
Sports Manager, DIE RECKEN
We use stashcat as a fast and easy solution to inform the whole medical community about the latest therapy progress and treatment methods.
Timm Kostzrewa
When I exchange information with our CEO about the contracts of our players - this is also highly sensitive data - we are happy to have a tool that allows us to exchange messages without "third parties being involved".
Sven-Sören Christophersen
Sports Manager, DIE RECKEN


If that's not enough for you ...

… Mr. Christophersen and Mr. Kostzrewa from RECKEN will tell you why stashcat is the right solution for your company.

Why stashcat is perfect for professional sports

stashcat enables location-independent communication via app, web or desktop client. This is ideal for players without a fixed computer workstation. Club managers can exchange information with the doctors treating them. Management consults with athletes and coaches on internal topics. Documents such as strategy concepts or training plans can be exchanged securely. 

Whether discussing moves and transfers, coordinating the training schedule, organizational arrangements in the event of injuries or discussing the new image campaign – highly sensitive and also contract-relevant information is exchanged within sports teams. All this can be perfectly organized in special group or individual chats.


Convince yourself ...

… and see how stashcat supports DIE RECKEN in their communication – highly secure, simple and fast.


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