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stashcat® as NIMes at the police in Lower Saxony

Since the Lower Saxony Police Department processes data that requires a great deal of protection, it is a very great concern that these data are secure and no third party can gain access to them. Find out how the police implements a secure data management system and which advantages stashcat offers here.

Customer-Story Police Lower Saxony

stashcat - the secure and GDPR-compliant messenger - is already in use by the police in Lower Saxony since the beginning of 2018!

Guaranteed data ownership, the ability to send people’ descriptions by photo, immediate communication in large-scale operations via Channel, or the simple, very precise sending of locations are just some of the benefits that are used with great enthusiasm by the Lower Saxony Police. In response to a frequently expressed request, the use of the private end device was also made possible while at the same time maintaining data protection.


stashcat has proven itself to be a secure basic technology for the police in Lower Saxony, fulfilling all given legal and content requirements for data protection and data security.

Use Cases

Whether tracing or work shift planning - stashcat in use as NIMes

Missing Persons Report
A mother loses her child at a folk festival. The mother reports the missing child to the operations center on site at the folk festival. The officers ask for facts about the child and the mother is able to provide a photo digitally via smartphone.
Missing Persons Report
Search via operation channel
The officers distribute the missing person report and the photo via the operation channel to the colleagues who are currently on the move at the fair and around it. Thanks to the photo transmission, missing persons or suspects can be identified more easily by direct sight.
Search via operation channel
Share location via GPS
Police officers in the field exchange their locations and search ranges - with just one click and with pinpoint accuracy - directly via Messenger. The information is transmitted immediately and without detours to all those involved - whether in planning or in action.
Share location via GPS
Mother & daughter reunited
The child is found after a short time and the police officers transmit the current location to the operations center. Thus, all persons involved are informed fast.
Mother & daughter reunited


Features that make everyday work easier

stashcat offers extensive features and capabilities for daily use in ministry and general work life. You can find a listing of our features here.


Read here which features are our customers’ favorites and which are used most often and effectively by the Lower Saxony Police.

Secure information exchange

Chats are encrypted end-to-end across all transmission paths.

Share location via GPS

Simply send the location to your colleagues in the chat or #Channel.

Target-oriented communication

Create your own channels as #Channels for each area / team.

Police Lower Saxony
Number of users: more than 20,000
Location: Hannover, Germany
Industry: Mission critical authorities, Police, Public authority
The Lower Saxony Police is under the authority of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Internal Affairs and Sport and has around 24,000 employees. When it comes to communication, the police count on the GDPR-compliant High Secure Messenger stashcat - branded as NIMes - which connects all employees in the workplace or in the field.


Do it like the police of Lower Saxony

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It is important that we equip the police with the best possible technical possibilities, including communication. A separate messenger for the police, which we know from private life, is right and sensible for the police. [...]
Thomas Adasch
MdL, Chairman of the Committee for
Internal Affairs and Sport of Lower Saxony
[...] Receiving and sending texts or images almost in real time - on a voluntary basis even with a private smartphone - closes an important gap in information control among emergency forces.
Boris Pistorius
Minister of Lower Saxony
for the Internal Affairs and Sport
[...] Since we, as the police, process data that requires a great amount of protection [...] it of course is a great concern for us to keep data in our system and to ensure that no third party is able to access this data. [...]
Marco Trumtrar
Senior Police Officer Central Police
Directorate Lower Saxony


If that's not enough for you ...

… those responsible at the Lower Saxony Police will tell you why stashcat is also exactly the right solution for your institution.

Why the police loves stashcat

stashcat makes location-independent communication possible via app, web or desktop client. This saves time and simplifies the daily work routine for colleagues. At the same time, the highest security standards have to be met, which is ensured by end-to-end encryption, amongst other things.

Work-related information such as work shift changes or work schedules in a secure environment – even if this information is exchanged on private end devices – thanks to end-to-end encryption of chats and transport encryption of files.


Convince yourself ...

… and see how stashcat supports the police in Lower Saxony with their communication – highly secure, simple and fast.


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