Privacy and Push Notifications

The conflict between privacy and flexible accessibility is not only evident in Home Office and Remote Work. Flexible working time models and New Work make it particularly important to give teams the opportunity to use modern communication tools without violating privacy.


stashcat enables all information to be perceived as needed, quickly and easily – for example, through push notifications. With different settings, the protection of privacy and free time is quickly secured.


Important topics of the company are never lost: Particularly important messages reach users, for example, even in “Do not Disturb” Mode with a selected signal. Rely on stashcat to offer your teams all the advantages of efficient communication.

"Do not Disturb" Mode
Notification Settings

In the mobile apps, set your push and in-app notifications to fit your workday. Thanks to “Do not Disturb” Mode, notifications can be deactivated for certain periods of time.

Define within stashcat in your personal privacy settings whether your activity status should be visible – your colleagues can see if you are online or offline. Suppress your read receipt if needed. Also determine if you want to send along your location and if you want to automatically suppress incoming calls.

Update all colleagues from the external sales force: Determine for yourself whether your location should be automatically sent in a message. The location can be viewed by all via the message info.

When you need a time-out: Suppress incoming calls automatically