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The city of Verden relies on the authority-wide and secure messenger stashcat®

This guarantees simple and fast communication - even in the home office! All departments can exchange information in different groups, even with secure access via private devices.

Customer-Story of the City of Verden

stashcat connects all instances of the City of Verden (Aller)!

The city of Verden has chosen the secure messenger stashcat because of its ease of use, security and the possibility to work across departments.


The messenger service provides the municipality with a communication tool that allows all users to connect with each other and thus facilitates administrative work. The City of Verden faces the challenge to reach all employees quickly, no matter if they are in their home office, in the city hall or on the road in the city area. Communication within departments and divisions is supported by stashcat’s group function.


The secure messenger is used by the entire staff and receives positive feedback from the individual departments, in terms of ease of use. Looking to the future, the city of Verden would also like to be able to reach kindergarten staff and other employees without a fixed IT workstation via stashcat in order to quickly distribute new information to the entire workforce.

Use Cases

City management from home? - No problem!
stashcat passes the home office test.

Transmit important message
An important message about home office rules needs to be delivered to the entire City of Verden workforce as soon as possible.
Transmit important message
Reach everyone via group chat
The information will be posted to the City of Verden's overall channel via stashcat.
Reach everyone via group chat
Notification on all devices
The message reaches all users - whether on mobile phones or other devices all connected members are reached anytime and anywhere.
Notification on all devices
Exchange on the procedure
In the individual department-specific channels, the employees of the departments discuss the further procedure. Documents and files are managed and exchanged among each other.
Exchange on the procedure


Independent communication through stashcat Messenger - City of Verden is securely linked!

stashcat offers extensive features and capabilities for everyday use in the workplace. You can find a list of our features here.


Read here which features are our customers’ favorites and which are used most often and effectively at the city of Verden (Aller).

Information exchange that reaches everyone

In the #Channel of all employees of the city of Verden, information can be shared fast and easily for all users - much faster than by mail.

Location-independent communication

stashcat is always with you wherever you go - even in the home office, the City of Verden relies on the secure and reliable messenger. Another advantage is the secure use via private devices.

Grouping of individual departments

A separate #channel for every department and every area of expertise? - stashcat makes it possible!

City of Verden (Aller)
Number of users: 100 - 500
Location: Verden (Aller), Germany
Industry: Administration, City, Community, Public authority
The district town of Verden in Lower Saxony, with a population of around 30,000, is located in the Middle Weser region on the Aller River just before it flows into the Weser. When it comes to communication, the municipality counts on the DSGVO-compliant High Secure Messenger stashcat, which connects all employees at the workplace or in the home office.


Do it like the City of Verden (Aller)!

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stashcat enables all departments to communicate in different compositions and is also faster than contact by mail. Another advantage is the secure use via private end devices. This allows us to communicate securely at any time and from anywhere.
Jens Stelgerwald
Internal Service Department, IT Department
At the City of Verden, stashcat facilitates our work in the home office and convinces with its simple and fast functionality. The fact that the company is based in Germany also played a role in the choice of communication medium. The exchanged data is hosted in a German data center in compliance with GDPR.
Jens Stelgerwald
Internal Service Department, IT Department


If that's not enough for you ...

… the IT manager of the city of Verden will tell you why stashcat is also exactly the right solution for your company.

Why the city administration loves stashcat

stashcat enables location-independent communication via app, web or desktop client. This is optimal for mobile employees, as well as for the home office or workplace. Everyone is always up to date and files can be managed in the practical file storage.

The City of Verden has several departments and divisions that communicate with each other as well as among themselves. stashcat addresses exactly this challenge and offers the possibility to communicate in separate chats through individual and group chats as well as through specific channels. Information thus reaches the right recipient in a targeted manner and is visible to all persons concerned.

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