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The business messenger that connects all employees!

GDPR-compliant High Secure Messenger with integrated file storage, videoconferences, calendar and survey tool

Made in Germany

Now optionally available:

DSGVO-compliant video telephony and conferences via app and browser!

More than 1 million users already trust stashcat®

  • Authority

    Borken District Administration

    Simple communication without security concerns

  • Authority

    City of Verden (Aller)

    stashcat® offers a cross-departmental communication solution for the city of Verden.

  • Law
    Public Safety Authority

    Lower Saxony Police Department

    Faster manhunts and digital forensics for 25,000 police officers!

  • Transport

    AXTRA GmbH & Co. KG

    From the office to the driver to the customer! Flexible route planning and mobile accessibility in logistics.

  • Public Safety Authority

    Hytera Mobilfunk

    The perfect addition to voice radio!

  • Public Safety Authority

    Frequentis AG

    The control centre of the future is already a reality today!

  • Industry

    EGGERS Group

    Speeding up weapons recovery through digital and highly dynamic organisation!

  • Sports


    Professional and secure messenger for the exchange of important and personal data in professional sports.

  • Transport

    Regiobus Uhlendorff GmbH

    Direct line to the drivers - flexible exchange via messenger!

  • Consulting

    IT management consultancy FloĂź GmbH

    Renowned data protectionist Thomas FloĂź communicates simply and securely via High Secure Messenger.

This is how stashcat® works!

How much does stashcat® cost?

up to 10 users

always for free

1 year term

3,90 €

3,90 € net per user
first month for free

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monthly cancellable

4,90 €

4,90 € net per user
first month for free

More than 100 users?

Request a personal offer now!

Benefit from our flexible pricing models! You only need up to 10 users? Then register for free and use the full range of features! With more than 100 users we provide you with an individual offer. With less than 100 users but more than 10 you simply choose whether you want to book stashcat® monthly or for 1 year. The first 30 days are free for both options.

The most important features at a glance

Single chats

Exchange conversations with one another through single or group chats. Your conversation content and files always stay in a secure environment. Your conversations take place in a setting that is inaccessible to others. In addition to #Channels, you have another opportunity to communicate with colleagues quickly and easily via stashcat®!


The #Channel feature allows you to create your own channels for each area of ​​your business. #Channels are indicated with a rhombus and can be found via the search function. The #Channel feature allows you to easily communicate with groups or teams.

File storage

At stashcat®, each user receives their own file storage in which files can be stored, retrieved and used at any time. So each user has his files always available on each connected device and can share them on request with other users or even share external links with non-members.

Not only every user, but also #Channels and conversations have their own file storage in which you can find and use stored files directly via the search function.

Guest accesses

Simply temporarily integrate customers and service providers into your Messenger for easy communication.

Folder Synchronization

Files are quickly distributed through automatic synchronization of local folders.


Distribute information via direct chat to groups of people without the risk of discussions.

Internal directory

Based on the user base of your company, a directory is created - no constant availability or transfer of mobile phone numbers. If available, your organization can also be connected to an existing LDAP or Active Directory. All user accounts are displayed regularly updated in the directory.


Economic espionage, sabotage and data theft have to be taken serious, but sadly they are seen as underestimate danger of our everyday life. That's why stashcat®'s personal mission is to provide you with a data protection compliant, secure and stable communications solution. Your chats are transmitted end-to-end encrypted on encrypted servers across all transmission paths, your files via transport encryption.

User role

Define your own user roles with individual authorizations for your organization.

On Premise

If you wish, we also offer stashcat® as an on premise solution.

Masking Mode

For more data security for the content of your chats you can mask the content before leaving the application.


The module makes it possible to find appointments for meetings or to conduct evaluations and small surveys. The appointment inquiry as well as the question-and-answer survey can be individually integrated into the daily work routine. Users are notified directly about the creation and the results can then be exported in a PDF file.


The organization of appointments via the calendar module can be used flexibly. In addition to public and private appointments, appointments can also be shared in the channel. The module supports your daily routine with features such as the ability to accept and reject inquiries, the synchronization with the local calendar of your device and a filter system for an easy coordination of your appointments. This provides you with an overview of upcoming meetings, customer appointments or corporate events.


Upon request, we adapt logo, colors, names and appearance completely to your corporate design.


If a mobile device management already exists, stashcat® can be distributed over it.


Connection to your Active Directory (LDAP) to synchronize existing user data.

Voice over IP

With contacts from the contact book, you can exchange information not only in #channels and conversations. You also have the possibility to establish and conduct a call via Voice over IP (VoIP) or a 1:1 video call within stashcat®. This is also encrypted end-to-end. (Coming soon.)

Telephone and videoconferences

With contacts from the contact book, you can communicate not only in individual conversations via Voice over IP (VoIP). Telephone and video conferences via VoIP enables the exchange with several people at the same time. 

stashcat® always accessible - apps for all platforms to download

With our apps you always have access to stashcat® during your everyday work, whether via our desktop application or the smartphone app. No matter where you are and if you wish, in your own personal corporate design.

stashcat auf allen Plattformen