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Axtra: Flexible tour planning and reliable availability

Today, the transport and logistics industry faces a multitude of communication challenges. Solving these is an important task for MRP controllers and drivers. This is where stashcat will support you.

Customer-Story Axtra

stashcat is the secure WhatsApp alternative for transport and logistics - that's why AXTRA relies on this technology.

AXTRA was faced with the challenge that the drivers are controlled centrally but deployed decentrally. Communicating information in person is therefore not possible in everyday working life due to the distances involved. And e-mails are not flexible enough.


At the same time, the necessary communication involved sensitive information such as tour data that should not fall into the wrong hands. US messengers such as WhatsApp were therefore not an alternative for AXTRA.


The solution? With stashcat as an end-to-end encrypted messenger, AXTRA now manages to communicate 100% securely and flexibly – from the office with drivers, but also with customers.

Use Cases

Disposition, driver, customer - fast, direct and secure communication in Messenger

New order
The logistics planner informs the driver via messenger about the tour planning. The contact to the driver takes place directly via single chat in stashcat.
New order
Exchange of information via individual chat
After arrival at the warehouse, two more packages are to be loaded than initially planned. The driver passes the information on to the logistics planner.
Exchange of information via individual chat
Documents in the file storage
In the office, the disposition documents are adjusted and re-delivered to the driver who is already on the road. For this purpose, the file storage is used for updating and transmission.
Documents in the file storage
Exchange with customers in group chat
The logistics planner confirms the adjustments and the delivery window in a chat with the customer and the driver. The customer is directly involved in the communication in order to be informed about changes immediately.
Exchange with customers in group chat
Traffic jam message
Traffic jam message! Via the driver channel, the office passes the info directly to everyone.
Traffic jam message
The driver informs the customer that delivery window can be held despite traffic jam. At the customer's site, the driver documents the delivery of the goods.


Features that make everyday work easier

stashcat offers extensive features and capabilities for everyday use in the workplace. You can find a listing of our features here.

Read here which features are our customers’ favorites and which are used most often and effectively in logistics companies.


Quick message to all drivers? Yes, directly in the shared #Channel.

Independent of mobile number

Smartphone change? No problem! The phone number is not needed for stashcat.

Available for all devices

Whether web, desktop, Mac, Android or iOS app - sync content everywhere.

Number of users: 100 - 500
Location: Essen, Germany
Industry: Logistics, Shipping company, Transport
A passion for logistics - this has been equally true for AXTRA for over a decade on journeys in the region, in Germany or in the surrounding countries. The high quality standard of AXTRA is not only based on state-of-the-art and secure equipment, but also on the professional and cordial staff that makes the transports a success. When it comes to communication, Axtra counts on the GDPR-compliant High Secure Messenger stashcat, which connects all employees in the office or in the truck.


Do it like Axtra

You can test stashcat 30 days free of charge and without obligation. Need advice or a quote for more than 100 employees? Contact our sales team

stashcat convinced us with its simple channel function, the practical file storage options and the user assignment via e-mail instead of phone number. Also great for us in the office: the desktop version, where we can simply drag and drop documents into the chat.
Fritz R├╝ther
Managing Director of Axtra GmbH & Co KG
We use stashcat® for communication among the workforce, for disposition with the drivers as well as for coordination with the customers. We can informatively keep everyone up to date and share current information.
Fritz R├╝ther
Managing Director of Axtra GmbH & Co KG


If that's not enough for you ...

… the management of AXTRA GmbH & Co. KG tells you why stashcat is the right solution for your company.

Why the logistics industry loves stashcat

stashcat enables location-independent communication via app, web or desktop client. This is ideal for mobile employees without a fixed computer workstation – for example, for communication between dispatch and drivers. Communicating via channels offers simple, centralized information distribution – even across departments and companies. Among other things, you can share special traffic events with everyone concerned in real time thanks to push messages.

Particularly in industries that work across the borders of countries and continents as a matter of course, breaking down the language barrier is a massive advantage. An easy-to-use solution, which is integrated into the communication tool, will save working time for you and your teams on a daily basis. Translate foreign language messages into your set language with one click.


This makes it even easier for you to communicate with customers and partners abroad, with drivers and subcontractors, for example.


Sichere Kommunikation an jedem Ort der Lieferung

Drivers are on the road throughout Germany, Europe and the world, while disposition is usually done centrally from one location. To keep this process and exchange flexible, the mobile accessibility of drivers is enormously important. At the same time, however, it is also a matter of exchanging sensitive information such as tour data and documents. For this reason, stashcat chats are end-to-end encrypted and your files are protected using transport encryption.┬áFast information exchange is also important in the event of environmental factors that cannot be influenced, such as traffic jams, road works or closures. These can be easily communicated to all (affected) drivers in the #Channel. In addition, the customer can also be informed directly – by the dispatcher or the driver himself – in order to flexibly adjust delivery windows.


This communication can also be made possible for subcontractors via stashcat. Any language barriers that may arise can be easily solved in Messenger thanks to the translation function. This facilitates international exchange.


In addition, the file repository is used for the flexible exchange of delivery bills, freight documents, special information for food deliveries, etc., as well as customs information. Missing documents? Can be shared from the office directly to the driver and / or customer – simply by drag & drop.

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