Safety Features

stashcat is a Business Messenger: Therefore our developers especially consider all aspects for secure and GDPR compliant communication. Not only due to GDPR-related million-dollar sanctions and phishing, security is certainly especially important to your business.


Also Corporate espionage is a real risk. With End-to-End Encrypted Technology, stashcat offers a Messenger with File Storage and Collaboration Tools that are so secure they are even used by the Police.


Use stashcat’s comprehensive security features to enable modern and secure communications in your organization for more efficient communication and work.

Access Controls for Maximum Security

Protect your apps from unauthorized access with password-protected account unlock. Open your app with PIN, password, Touch ID or Face ID.

Simply safe through everyday work

Industrial espionage and data theft are serious, but in practice often still underestimated dangers of everyday work. For this reason, a particular strength of stashcat is its GDPR-compliant, tap-proof and stable communication. Your Chats and Shared Files are End-to-End Encrypted.


In addition, set security rules for access to your app. Automatically hide chat views when you’re not actively working in stashcat, and specify whether to confirm key requests manually or automatically.

Manage storage period for messages

Messages from your organisation can be deleted after a specified time. A distinction can be made between normal or marked messages and messages on the server.