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More than 1.3+ million users from various industries already rely on stashcat as a messenger for companies!  Gain an advantage through fast communication: Reduce your expenses, help your employees to work more efficiently and enable modern communication – with stashcat, the corporate messenger! From A like automotive to Z like supplier, everyone benefits from suitable features like file storage, voice and video telephony, calendar, folder synchronization and much more.


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Why do many logistics companies such as AXTRA rely on stashcat? The challenge of flexible communication has not just existed in the logistics industry since the pandemic. Logisticians have faced quite a few challenges for quite some time. You can find out what they are and how stashcat solves them here ➔.

Promote employee experience and cohesion through a direct and timely approach. stashcat enables secure communication via app, web or desktop client and is not tied to employees’ private mobile numbers. Read more about optimal features for your industry like communicating via channels and more. ➔

Healthcare staff and managers face special challenges: Despite a lack of time, special demands for data protection, fast response times, and practical application are in the nature of your industry. Learn how Businessmessenger can help you with daily communications ➔.

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In the military, particular emphasis is placed on data protection and security. Tap-proof exchange, guaranteed data sovereignty and communication with...
Confusing email traffic and uncertainties about data protection are history with stashcat: The High Secure Messenger supports your institution with...
As a High Secure Messenger, stashcat offers financial and insurance institutions numerous features for modern communication and secure file management...
As a secure instant messenger, stashcat solves problems in the media industry such as fast and location-independent communication, work without...
As a business messenger, stashcat supports you in daily communication, such as for documentation and agreements within your staff. Save...
Encourage the team spirit of all employees with the team chat stashcat in retail by addressing them directly and in...
By implementing stashcat in your public authority, you enable unlimited exchange between office and field staff, promote the efficiency of...
stashcat, as a highly secure messenger, provides simpler interfaces in production to communicate with all employees. stashcat unites competencies along...
As a messenger, stashcat solves the challenge of flexible communication that exists for logistics: we enable multimedia exchange between disposition...

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