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City of Cologne relies on the security of stashcat® technology

All in one tool! stashcat offers a highly secure organization and communication platform for the city of Cologne that covers all relevant requirements. Find out how exactly the city administration uses the High Secure Messenger.

Customer-Story City of Cologne

Communication of the crisis team is simplified by stashcat!

Due to its easy usage and secure end-to-end encryption, the crisis team of the city administration of Cologne works with the secure messenger app. The messenger is a central platform and ensures a secure exchange of protocols and documents during crisis meetings.

The technology makes it possible to communicate across organizations and coordinate with those responsible for the crisis team. For example, the police, clinics, the city manager and other organizations are involved in the management of the crisis team.

Use Cases

To have a fast, secure and privacy-compliant solution, the city of Cologne relies on high secure messaging.

Documents in the file storage
During crisis team meetings, protocols, transcripts, decrees and other files are created or made available. All confidential documents are stored exclusively in the stashcat file storage.
Documents in the file storage
Exchange via group chat
Via "crisis team" #Channel, users can share important information in the group chat. The members of the crisis team are thus continuously informed about new information and have access to all important documents.
Exchange via group chat
Get info anytime and anywhere
Employees can access the information from all their devices - whether it's a desktop PC from the office or a smartphone on the go.
Get info anytime and anywhere
Share files
The Cologne Fire Department needs an important document that can be shared from the file storage quickly and directly in real time via stashcat.
Share files


stashcat convinces with easy handling, simple design and 100% security.

stashcat offers extensive features and capabilities for everyday use in the workplace. You can find a list of our features here.

Read here which features are our customers’ favorites and which are used most often and effectively at the City of Cologne.

Information distribution via #Channels

The Channel "crisis team" of the City of Cologne notifies all members simultaneously of new information.

File storage & data transfer

All documents such as meeting protocols, transcripts, and crisis team plans end up exclusively in the secure file storage and can be shared from there.

Direct communication in individual chat

Individual chats allow quick agreements between certain members.

City of Cologne
Number of users: 10,000 - 20,000
Location: Cologne, Germany
Industry: Administration, City, Community, Public authority
The city of Cologne in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with a population of around 1.1 million, is the fourth-largest municipality in the Federal Republic of Germany. It is clear that this involves a lot of administrative work, but how does the city administration communicate with each other? When it comes to communication, they count on the GDPR-compliant High Secure Messenger stashcat, which connects all employees quickly and easily.


Do it like the city of Cologne

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stashcat is absolutely essential for the administration of the city of Cologne and offers us a data protection compliant and secure solution for our work.
Frank Büchner
Office for Information Processing, Deputy Head of Office
For the city of Cologne, stashcat is a user-friendly solution thanks to its low-threshold access and intuitive handling, which means that no training is required for users. What e-mail and telephone cannot do is usefully supplemented by the messenger.
Frank Büchner
Office for Information Processing, Deputy Head of Office
The central communication tool enables an immediate exchange with all parties involved. All members of the crisis team thus have a good overview.
Frank Büchner
Office for Information Processing, Deputy Head of Office


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… Mr. Büchner from the Office of Information Processing will tell you why stashcat is also exactly the right solution for your company.

Why the city administration loves stashcat

stashcat supports city administration work and makes location-independent communication possible via app, web or desktop client. This is perfect for field and office staff, because the messenger creates a platform for fast communication channels. The city of Cologne sees the High Secure Messenger stashcat as a simple and fast communication platform – 100% secure!

The city of Cologne has several departments and divisions that communicate with each other as well as among themselves. stashcat addresses exactly this challenge and offers the possibility to communicate in separate chats through individual and group chats as well as through specific channels. Information thus reaches the right recipient in a targeted manner and is visible to all persons concerned.

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One tool, everything included!

stashcat offers the city of Cologne an all-around secure organization and communication platform that covers all features. The crisis meetings of the Cologne crisis team are perfectly supported by the app. Administration, public utilities and police can communicate securely and easily via an app.

The channel function of stashcat makes it possible to communicate with all members simultaneously and share important information. Group and individual chats also give the opportunity to hold conversations between individuals or groups on specific topics.

All members can access the important documents of the crisis team and communicate via their smartphone, PC or tablet without fear of security breaches – because stashcat works with real end-to-end encryption and is therefore 100% secure!

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