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Regiobus: Safe networking - timetable planning and general exchange

With stashcat, flexible communication for passenger transport is possible. The communication between drivers and the control center takes place directly via the messenger and can be structured into topic-specific channels or individual chats. Not only regarding the traffic situation and road works, but also topics like found objects, delays or operational situations take part. Read how exactly stashcat is used at Regiobus Uhlendorff.

Customer-Story Regiobus Uhlendorff

Regiobus is safe on the road - with stashcat Messenger!

stashcat replaces WhatsApp Messenger as a GDPR-compliant alternative and offers Regiobus Uhlendorff the perfect all-round package for communication and coordination.


Timetables and shift schedules, route changes and other internal arrangements can be kept track of quickly and easily using the instant messenger. Regiobus Uhlendorff uses channels for different driver groups, in which information about accidents and road works is shared simultaneously. The fast exchange between drivers is thus ensured!


In addition, stashcat offers further functions that perfect the process. In addition to a survey tool, appointment function and personal file storage, the messenger works independently of mobile numbers and can therefore be used on private devices. Of course 100% secure!

Use Cases

Simultaneous exchange between all drivers!

New timetable via group chat
A new timetable is available and the head office distributes the information directly in the timetable channel. A driver with a fever reports the cancellation for the next day on the same evening, a replacement can be found quickly and directly in exchange with the staff.
New timetable via group chat
Networking of employees
Right before the start of the shift, the depot reports damage to the bus and arranges a replacement with the driver via one-on-one chat, so that the drive can get started without delay.
Networking of employees
Traffic jam message and detour info
An accident on one of the main roads is reported to the control center - no problem for Regiobus: the information is sent directly to the affected drivers via group chat with location information for rerouting.
Traffic jam message and detour info
Send lost and found as a photo to the lost and found office
At a bus stop, the bus driver notices a backpack that has been left behind. The driver sends a photo and the information directly to the central office so that the backpack can be taken from the depot to the lost and found office in the evening. The documentation of found objects or damage to the vehicle is handled directly in Messenger via photo and text.
Send lost and found as a photo to the lost and found office


Regiobus uses stashcat Messenger and thus ensures a flawless passenger transport process.

stashcat offers extensive features and capabilities for everyday use in the workplace. You can find a list of our features here.

Read here to find out which features are our customers’ favorites and which are used most often and effectively at Regiobus Uhlendorff.

Information distribution through #Channels

All members will be notified immediately of any new information.

File storage & data transfer

Save schedules directly to your personal file storage and retrieve them at any time!

Security through end-to-end encryption

True end-to-end encryption ensures comprehensive data protection.

Regiobus Uhlendorff GmbH & Co. KG
Number of users: 50 - 100
Location: Wesertal, Germany
Industry: Logistics, Passenger transport, Transport
Regiobus Uhlendorf operates around 30 buses every day. The clients - including three counties as well as the transport associations - appreciate the reliable implementation and planning support of Regiobus. When it comes to communication, the transport company counts on the GDPR-compliant High Secure Messenger stashcat, which connects all employees with each other.


Do it like Regiobus

You can test stashcat 30 days free of charge and without obligation. Need advice or a quote for more than 100 employees? Contact our sales team

[...] it was impossible to imagine business communication via WhatsApp without it. Against the background of the General Data Protection Regulation, a no-go. [...] Therefore, we replace WhatsApp with stashcat.
Torsten Uhlendorff
Owner and Managing Director Regiobus Uhlendorff
[...] only one app for the complete operational communication with an absolutely flexible file storage for work schedules, timetables, instructions, construction site info, etc. Helpful and secure!
Torsten Uhlendorff
Owner and Managing Director Regiobus Uhlendorff


If that's not enough for you ...

… the management of Regiobus Uhlendorff will tell you why stashcat is the right solution for your company.

Why the transportation industry loves stashcat

stashcat enables location-independent communication via app, web or desktop client. This is ideal for mobile employees without a fixed computer workstation – such as communication between the control center and bus drivers. Communicating via #Channels offers simple, centralized information distribution and, among other things, you can share special traffic events with everyone concerned in real time thanks to push messages, thus guaranteeing smooth operations.

Every day, passenger transport service providers such as Regiobus Uhlendorff are faced with numerous coordination tasks relating to timetables, work schedules and customer service. Work schedules and timetables not only have to be created, they also have to be transmitted directly to the drivers concerned. In addition, all drivers need to be able to communicate with the control center and other drivers at the same time. All this can be done easily and securely via individual or group chat with stashcat.

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