Team Work: Collaboration Tools

The main purpose of stashcat as a team and collaboration tool is to optimize collaboration and organization between teams and colleagues. As a Business Messenger, there is an additional focus on particularly easy usability as well as data protection and GDPR compliance.


With stashcat, you are buying a tool that is developed with companies for companies. That’s why the enterprise messenger offers you helpful tools like synchronizable Calendars, a Survey Tool, an integrated Translation Service, and much more.


With Multi-Client Capability, stashcat also allows you to use it across multiple companies or organizations. With guest access, you can even integrate service providers or project partners into your new communication infrastructure.

Exchange between multiple companies
Multi-Client Capability

With stashcat you connect your team with different organizations without mixing the communication structures and you enable communication between users of different clients. Each organization receives its own instance (client). Give access to further instances in your organizational environment to individual employees or your entire organization, either manually or automatically, e.g. via LDAP. Within stashcat you can easily switch between instances with just one click. This way you get clearly separated organizational channels without any breaks in information.

Collaboration Tools for your everyday work

Not only communication, but also collaboration – stashcat supports your daily work perfectly with optional tools like the Calendar and the Survey Module and additional features like the One-Click Translation. Find the right appointment for the whole team via voting and enter it directly for your #channel via calendar – nothing stops your fast communication. Collaboration with partners and external parties is also no longer a problem – thanks to the Guest Accounts in stashcat.

Quick votes via survey module

Appointments and evaluations: Create surveys for individual users or entire #channels, inform all addressed participants and clearly export all survey results.