IT management consultancy Floß uses Messenger for secure networking and data protection

The IT consultancy is faced with the challenge of communicating in a data protection-compliant way and keeping all areas of the company up to date. This is ensured by stashcat® with various features, without the specification of phone numbers and also accessible from the PC.

Customer-Story Thomas Floß

Privacy and instant messaging united by the GDPR privacy compliant messenger stashcat

The IT consulting company faces the challenge of communicating in a data protection-compliant way and keeping all areas of the company up to date. stashcat takes care of this! With various features, without specifying phone numbers and from all available devices – no matter if private or business.

Thomas Floß is already known from television, having uncovered a major hacking scandal. Data protection is a very important topic for him – that’s why he relies on the high-security messenger stashcat. stashcat receives consistently positive feedback and is constantly evolving.

Use Cases

stashcat in use at the IT consulting company

A new project
A new project is about to start in the IT consultancy. Everyone involved needs to exchange ideas and plan the project.
A new project
stashcat as a secure communication medium
Initial information has been summarized and must be visible & accessible to all contributors, even offline and on the go.
stashcat as a secure communication medium
The consultancy creates a channel for the new project and adds all the people involved to the #project channel.
Appointments & Survey
The integrated calendar module searches for available appointments for the upcoming meeting and quickly determines the appropriate day using the survey function.
Appointments & Survey
The project is running
Agreements are made online and in meetings, and all information is available to all members in a well-structured manner (also offline) in the channel. Changes or additions can be made quickly - directly via mobile phone or PC.
The project is running
File storage
When meeting with customers, all documents can be found in the organized file storage of the channel and provide a quick overview of the aspects discussed.
File storage

Customer Favorites

Features that make everyday work easier

stashcat offers extensive features and capabilities for everyday use in the workplace. You can find a listing of our features here.

Read here which features are our customers’ favorites and which are used most often and effectively in IT business consulting.


Secure communication via the channel function, even with external third parties.
In this way, projects can be coordinated effortlessly.

Independent of mobile number

stashcat is also usable on all private devices such as smartphones, PCs, tablets or laptops.

File storage & data transfer

Secured data exchange in the company and working groups.

EDV-Unternehmensberatung Floß GmbH
Number of users: 100 - 500
Location: Versmold, Germany
Industry: Consulting, IT, Law
EDV-Unternehmensberatung Floß GmbH is one of a small group of IT consultants throughout Germany who specialize in the technical, legal and organizational aspects of data protection and information security.


Do it like the IT consultancy Floß

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stashcat is similar to WhatsApp, except that it is secure and reasonable.
Thomas Floß
Managing Director
There are very few GDPR-compliant messengers in the EU and fewer systems that really run on all platforms (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, etc.) - stashcat can do it!
Thomas Floß
Managing Director


If that's not enough for you ...

… the management of the consultancy will tell you why stashcat is the right solution for your company.

Warum die Logistikbranche stashcat liebt

stashcat macht standortunabhängige Kommunikation per App, Web- oder Desktop-Client möglich. Das ist optimal für mobile MitarbeiterInnen ohne festen Computer-Arbeitsplatz – wie zum Beispiel bei der Kommunikation zwischen der Disposition und FahrerInnen. Das Kommunizieren über Channels bietet eine einfache, zentrale Informationsverteilung – sogar abteilungs- und unternehmensübergreifend. Unter anderem können Sie so besondere Verkehrsereignisse dank Pushnachrichten in Echtzeit mit allen Betroffenen teilen.

Particularly in industries that work across the borders of countries and continents as a matter of course, breaking down the language barrier is a massive advantage. An easy-to-use solution, which is integrated into the communication tool, will save working time for you and your teams on a daily basis. Translate foreign language messages into your set language with one click.


This makes it even easier for you to communicate with customers and partners abroad, with drivers and subcontractors, for example.

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stashcat in use at companies, authorities and institutions

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