File Storage and Management

Secure and GDPR-compliant File Storage (aka ” Cloud Storage”) is a game-changer for businesses. stashcat enables the exchange of all file formats with Personal and Channel File Storage. With apps for all platforms, you and your employees can access files anywhere or share media with others in the organization. File Storage is in sync across all devices.


You have the option to structure your Cloud Storage with folders to establish efficient availability. Individual files and folders can be shared with Public Links if desired, even to people who do not use stashcat yet. Via Folder Synchronization even local folders e.g. from your computer can be synchronized with your File Storage.


Enable consistent and efficient sharing of all media formats with stashcat – easy and available everywhere.

Your documents available everywhere

All users have their own File Storage where files can be stored, accessed and used at any time. This means that all documents are always available on any device and can be shared with other users or external parties via a link if desired. Not only all users, but also #Channels and Conversations have their own File Storage, which allows you to find and use stored files immediately via the search tool.

Secure File Storage, simple management

The Business Messenger stashcat connects simple messaging with secure data exchange – thanks to the integrated File Storage. Store and manage your documents in the stashcat cloud – thanks to secure servers in our data center in Germany – or on-premise if desired. Share files via drag & drop in chats or #channels. Whether image, video, audio or location – in stashcat you can distribute and store any file. So you always have all your documents with you and they are available on any device.

Folder synchronization

Through automatic synchronization with local folders, all desired files are made available in the storage.