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Frequentis and stashcat® - Pioneering control center communication!

With Frequentis and stashcat, customers who use the control center system can operate the stashcat Messenger technology directly from the user interface. Find out here how the entire control center communication benefits from the solution.

Customer-Story Frequentis

As cooperation partners, Frequentis and stashcat are jointly bringing the control center communication of the future into today.

Frequentis customers can also work with the High Secure Messenger stashcat directly from the user interface of their communication system. All safety-critical processes can thus be handled in a common, efficient system. This saves authorities and organizations with security tasks (Mission critical authorities) valuable time, which they can invest in fulfilling their actual tasks.


In order to ensure the safety of the population, police forces need to communicate with each other quickly. Radio network failures and system overloads in the case of the authorities’ own solutions make it difficult to exchange information without problems. In addition, photos cannot be sent via existing solutions. Digital voice radio alone is therefore no longer sufficient as a means of communication.


Police, fire departments, rescue services and disaster control require communication systems with high availability and special performance features. For example, this system must be reliable, stable and resilient, as well as having a high level of security for the transmission of information and data. Operational readiness must be guaranteed at all times, and the formation of networks of any size must be possible.

For lack of alternatives, civil servants then resort to public messengers from American companies, such as WhatsApp, which, however, turn out not to be tap-proof in crisis situations.

Use Cases

Active deployment and planning communication using the example of NIMes

Branded as @NIMes, stashcat is being used by the police in Lower Saxony since the beginning of 2018! This includes around 24,000 policemen and policewomen.

Locating and position display
The police are called to a bomb discovery. Locating and displaying the position of NIMes clients in the map view of the Frequentis communication system saves time when assessing the situation.
Locating and position display
Push notification in #Channel
Push notification alerting takes place directly in NIMes channels and TETRA groups.
Push notification in #Channel
Photo / video transmission
Important munitions recovery information is supported with photo / video transmissions. Receiving and sending multimedia mission-related information serves to increase quality through continuous, image-supported situation assessment.
Photo / video transmission
Data forwarding
The data is forwarded to responsible recipients and recipient groups via NIMes.
Data forwarding


Features that make everyday work easier

The secure WhatsApp alternative stashcat is already an integral part of the corporate, operational and planning communication of numerous companies and mission critical authorities, including the police forces in Lower Saxony (as NIMes) and Hesse (as HePolChat).


stashcat offers extensive features and capabilities daily use in the service and in general working life. You can find a list of our features here.


Read here to find out which features are our customers’ favorites and which are used most often and effectively at Frquentis.

Share location

Easily send the current location to colleagues in the chat or channel.


End-to-end encryption across all transmission paths.

Easy user synchronization

Synchronize user data via connection to your Active Directory (LDAP).

Frequentis AG
Number of users: up to 50
Location: Vienna, Austria
Industry: Communication, Mission critical authorities
The Austrian high-tech company Frequentis, based in Vienna, operates internationally and develops air traffic control systems and software for security authorities. As strong cooperation partners, Frequentis and stashcat are jointly contributing to bringing the control center communication of the future into today.


Do it like Frequentis

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Sending and receiving directly [...] from our communication system using stashcat is both a time saver and a quality enhancer for active duty communication. [...]
Reinhard Grimm
Managing Director Frequentis Germany
[...] represents a valuable expansion of the communication options. The integration of NIMes into the [...] control center is thus a promising step toward the mission communication of the future.
Christiana Berg
Chief of Police of the Central Police Directorate of Lower Saxony (ZPD)


If that's not enough for you ...

… the managing director of Frequentis Germany will tell you why stashcat is the right solution for you.

Why stashcat is so popular for control center communication

stashcat offers other important functions, such as end-to-end encryption and georeferencing. All mobile and stationary devices are supported. Individual officers or groups communicate with each other via individual and group chats as well as topic channels and exchange documents such as photos. Since 2018, the messenger is being used by the police of Lower Saxony as the brand “NIMes” and by the police of Hesse as the brand “HePolChat”.

The location can be easily sent to colleagues via chat or #Channel. Police officers in the field can exchange their current locations directly via Messenger – with just one click and with pinpoint accuracy.


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… and see how stashcat and Frquentis supports control center communication – highly secure, simple and fast.


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What solution do Frequentis and stashcat offer as partners?

Together, Frequentis and stashcat are helping to bring the control center communication of the future into today. Customers using the control center system benefit from being able to operate the stashcat Messenger technology directly from the user interface. All safety-critical processes can thus be handled in a common, efficient system, saving authorities and organizations with security tasks (Mission critical authorities) valuable time.


Frequentis presents a future-oriented communication and integration platform for public safety that meets all the demands placed on control centers and its multimedia functional scope. Thanks to its advanced, modular architecture, a wide range of systems with different protocols can be integrated.


The integration of stashcat – the secure and GDPR-compliant messenger with file storage – provides a practical addition for daily use. The application comes with important security-related functions such as end-to-end encryption out of the box and is supported on all mobile and stationary end devices.

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