Voice and Video Calls, Video Conferencing

Field service, the high requirement for travel in a globalized economy, but also home office due to e.g. new work or crisis situations: The possibility of exchange via video and voice independent of location creates a flexible everyday working life and saves time and resources.

stashcat offers all modern tools for this exchange. 1 to 1 exchange in Voice and Video Calls (Voice over IP, VoIP for short), Video Conferencing with up to 75 participants and Screen Sharing. And all of this in a secure and GDPR-compliant way.

Enable efficient teamwork with stashcat and protect company resources as well as the environment. The Business Messenger is equally suitable for small and medium-sized companies, as well as for corporations and cross-organizational exchange.

stashcat is calling
Secure Calling and Video Conferencing

With contacts from the internal Contact Book you can not only exchange in #Channels and Conversations: Start a conversation with just one click also via Voice over IP (VoIP) or as a 1:1 Video Call within stashcat, easily and End-to-End Encrypted.

Encrypted Voice and Video Calls

Video conferencing

Enable a direct exchange in your team – via video conference. Include up to 75 participants and share your screen securely.

Easily stream your screen via screen sharing