CDU in Lower Saxony uses stashcat branded as Messenger „“

Digital administration made easy - the High Secure Messenger stashcat makes it possible! Find out how the CDU Lower Saxony benefits from the secure communication platform and which advantages result from it.

Customer-Story CDU in Lower Saxony

High Secure Messenger stashcat for easy and secure communication

With almost 60,000 members, the CDU Lower Saxony is the party with the largest membership in Lower Saxony. As a result, it faces the challenge of establishing simple and secure links with each other. stashcat offers a remedy and ensures GDPR-compliant exchange.

Branded as Messenger “”, stashcat covers the need for confidential communication and data exchange.In doing so, Messenger combines the functions of messengers and cloud applications, such as WhatsApp as well as Dropbox, while offering a privacy-compliant communication environment. The maintenance of the file storage is optional and is carried out independently by each user.

Use Cases

stashcat in action: Perfect equipment at the state party conference

Make important preparations
The state party conference is coming up and numerous important preparations have to be made. The CDU Lower Saxony creates the channel "state party conference 2019" for the event and posts here all important information for all members of the party.
Make important preparations
Coordination via messenger
Planning for the state party convention is coordinated via stashcat messaging in one-on-one conversations or group chats.
Coordination via messenger
Provide data in file storage
The CDU Lower Saxony requires various documents for speeches. The members concerned save their documents in their own cloud and all relevant files can be provided.
Provide data in file storage
Conclusion via survey tool
A conclusion is to be drawn, how did it go for us? After the state party conference, the survey tool made it possible to draw a quick conclusion about how the event went.
Conclusion via survey tool


Digital connection by stashcat

stashcat provides a protected framework for the exchange of sensitive topics. Confidential documents are also safe in the messenger’s file storage. The CDU Lower Saxony finds a secure communication platform in the GDPR-compliant messenger stashcat.


Read here which features are our customers’ favorites and which are used most often and effectively at the CDU Lower Saxony. stashcat offers extensive features and options for daily use in the workplace. You can find a listing of our features here.


Secure communication via the channel function: This enables rapid exchange among or between constituencies. Projects can thus easily be coordinated.

Appointment overview via calendar module

All appointments are always at a glance via the integrated calendar module. This makes coordination simple and easy.

File storage & data transfer

All documents available with one click and at any time. And 100% protected.

CDU in Lower Saxony
Anzahl der Nutzer: 1,000 - 5,000
Standort: Hannover, Germany
Branche: Association, Party, Politics, Union
With almost 60,000 members, the CDU Lower Saxony is the party with the largest membership in Lower Saxony and uses stashcat as the messenger brand "".


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How the CDU Lower Saxony benefits from stashcat

stashcat enables location-independent communication via app, web or desktop client. This is optimal for mobile members without a fixed computer workstation. Communicating via channels offers simple, centralized information distribution – even across parties.

The implementation of cross-party communication is easy and secure thanks to stashcat. Members of the CDU Lower Saxony can communicate with each other via individual chats. By forming groups, for example, local, district and county associations can communicate with their members. Documents such as task packages, presentations, videos, election programs or schedules can be exchanged in conversations as well as group chats. In addition, several members can discuss topics such as the election campaign and coordinate tasks via created channels. Both regional and specialist groups can be formed.


This is particularly useful for CDU members who help organize the council and parliamentary group work of the CDU in Lower Saxony.


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Digital connection through stashcat

For the special demands of the CDU Lower Saxony on a communication solution, stashcat provides a GDPR-compliant messenger with file storage branded as messenger “”. Communication between local associations, district associations and state associations is ensured across the board.

The extensive features provide the CDU with a complete solution for political communication. Especially with regard to data protection, data security and eavesdropping security of sensitive information, stashcat offers special protection against unauthorized access by third parties through true end-to-end encryption as well as optional on-premise hosting.

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