stashcat Version 4.37

Published 1 year ago


Desktop- und Web-Client

  • Color and design adjustments were made to the sidebar design in chat and administration.
  • The design adjustments include the revision of icons, arrangement of areas and color matching of different areas.
  • Multiple files can be downloaded at the same time from your own file storage or shared files. For this purpose, files can be selected via the checkboxes, these will then be downloaded locally as a .zip file.
  • Files can also be sorted in shared file repositories according to further information in ascending or descending order: "Name, Size, File type, Uploaded on".
  • Files can be moved in the file tray to other folders of the same hierarchy level.
  • In addition to the screenshot function, an integrated screen recording function is available. This can be called directly in the corresponding chat and records the content of any screen. The recorded content can then be sent in the chat.
  • General optimizations and bug fixes


  • If a file associated with a message is subsequently deleted from the shared files, a note is displayed at the message.
  • General optimizations and bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug that caused the option for strikethrough text formatting to be missing.
  • Already entered text is preserved when files are inserted into the chat via drag&drop.
  • Multiple files can be selected from "My Files" and shared to the app.
  • General optimizations and bug fixes