stashcat Version 3.10

Published 4 years ago


Desktop- und Web-Client

  • Users can now choose to stay logged in permanently when logging in. Otherwise they will be logged out automatically after closing the browser tab, closing the browser or closing the client.
  • Messages can now be forwarded to other recipients or chats.
  • Optical overhaul of the view for creating CalDAV links to synchronize calendars
  • More optimizations and bug fixes


  • Optimizations in preview view after taking a photo
  • Automatic key transfer can be enabled
  • Optical and technical tweaks to member view in chats
  • Fixed a bug where profile pictures were sometimes not displayed
  • More optimizations and bug fixes


  • Images selected from the media library can now be marked/painted before sending
  • Optical tweaks to the view for inviting users in the calendar
  • More optimizations and bug fixes