Corporate espionage, sabotage and data piracy are serious jeopardies, which however, are often underestimated in daily routine. Therefore, the stashcat® messenger's personal mission is to provide a data privacy conformal, bug-proof and stable communication solution in which your chats are transmitted end-to-end encrypted over all transmission paths, your files via transport encryption.

Encrypted Servers

The deployment of stashcat® takes place centrally on encrypted, redundant servers, which are operated by the MIVITEC GmbH in a high security centre in Munich, Germany. Frequent, automatic online backups avoid the loss of data through hardware failure, virus attacks or act of nature. The MIVITEC GmbH undertakes huge efforts for the protection of the data centers that are summarized in declarations about technical and organizational activities regarding the protection of data, which are available to every client.


Encrypted Messages and Transmission of Data

All relevant data is secured through the lastest SLL encryption methods in a second step. The protection takes place based on a 256-bit AES SSL/TLS encryption on the way to our servers and encrypts the data exchange between the server and terminal device.

In a third step, an encryption on the user's terminal device takes place where the data is encrypted through a combination of AES and RSE algorithms. For the encryption with AES a key length of 256 bit is used while for the RSA encryption a key length of 4096 bit is employed. In this way we can ensure that neither unauthorized third parties nor the stashcat® team itself can decrypt or access any data.

All relevant data is thus transmitted encrypted on the way to and from the server and stored there also encrypted. Encryption applies to all types of data, i.e. it includes all messages, comments and other text fields. Your files and documents are secured via transport encryption.

Increased Safety Through Pin Code

The stashcat® passcode locks your stashcat® messenger with your individual pin code. So your app can solely be opened through entering the pin code. Therewith, strangers do not have any access to the stashcat® app on your mobile. For this purpose you set a pin code in stashcat® in advance. This code has then to be entered correctly at each start of the app. Thus your personal documents and conversations are protected against the access of unauthorized third parties.