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stashcat® in retail

Communication in retail

How about real-time communication?

You know how it is: Cumbersome communication that never reaches everyone? Fluctuation in the retail trade is high, and private mobile phone numbers have to be exchanged time and again. Employees can either not contact each other at all or not in real time. Shift plan changes do not always reach all affected persons in time or cannot and must not be accessed on a mobile basis. Communication with other branches is often still done via the intranet, by email or through lengthy correspondence.

Secure communication that reaches everyone quickly ÔÇô thanks to stashcat┬«

stashcat┬« meets the needs of the retail trade for fast, targeted communication and the exchange of data, information and shift plans. stashcat┬« combines the functions of messengers and Cloud applications like WhatsApp and Dropbox. The highly secure messenger can be used according to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) principle for all employees and on all mobile devices ÔÇô be it your private or business smartphone, and for a 3-month temporary worker or branch manager. stashcat┬« is hosted in Germany or in your data centre.

ThatÔÇÖs why you need stashcat┬« for your retail!

Secure communication that brings you closer together. .

stashcat® enables secure communication via app, web or desktop client and is not bound to the private telephone numbers of employees. Channel communication provides a simple, centralised distribution of information, both industry-wide and across all branches. Urgent messages are exchanged in real time with all parties concerned thanks to push messaging. stashcat® promotes the shared experience and togetherness of employees through group-wide solutions and direct, timely communication with employees.

Broadcast and read-only

Targeted dissemination of information through radio broadcasts and read-only channels, without losing important messages or creating discussions


Coordinate meetings, training sessions or field services with the built-in calendar function and synchronise individual shift plans.

Survey module

Evaluate product performance & customer feedback with the survey module and analyse the results.

Simple and efficient for everyone! 

stashcat® can be implemented on demand, is easy to use and is reminiscent of conventional messengers in terms of how it is used, so no training is required for the end user. The messenger is a well-known and accepted medium and is popular with employees. stashcat® is cost-effective due to the possibility of single licenses and paperless working.

Features tailored to retail.

  • Push messages and emergency communication

  • Contact groups and channels by branch, across departments branch management or by franchise

  • Not linked to employees' private telephone numbers

High turnover of staff

Branch management can fall back on a pool of 100 employees, of which, however, only about one third is permanently employed due to high turnover of staff.

  • Simple user administration with stashcat.
  • All workers can contact each other without exchanging private mobile phone numbers.
  • Scheduling is made considerably easier.
  • Faster integration of new employees.

Organisation of the shift plan

Within a branch, all employees are connected to the stashcat app.

  • Fast arrangement of stand-ins via chats & channels.

  • The central shift plan is synchronised via the calendar.

  • Sick notes can be distributed and shift plans can be changed.

  • When the shift plan is updated, everyone is informed.

  • Days off can be marked directly in the calendar.

Uniform product placement

The new products have arrived and all the branches decorate a special area.

  • Specifications and instructions for placement can be sent together with the product via stashcat.
  • Videos or photos from a sample presentation can be exchanged easily.
  • Photos of the special areas in all branches can be provided to the coordinator.
  • Photos can be passed on by store management to all employees to document and manage the maintenance of the area.

Recall action

Due to a recall, everyone must be informed quickly that such products will no longer be sold.

  • Inform all colleagues immediately via broadcast & push messages.

  • There is no room for discussion, as the broadcast is a one-way message. 

  •  In the case of individual concerns, direct communication can take place in conversations or via appropriate channels. 

  • By using stashcat on their own end devices, colleagues are informed even when off duty or reached during the shift.

More than 1 million users already rely on stashcat®

  • Authority

    City of Cologne

    stashcat® is convincing with easy handling, simple design and 100% security.

  • Party
    Lower Saxony

    CDU Lower Saxony

    Digital administration made easy - with stashcat® for CDU Lower Saxony branded as "Messenger".

  • Medicine
    Healthcare service


    Germany's healthcare system is going digital! Communication across locations in over 80 on-call practices.

  • Authority

    Borken District Administration

    Simple communication without security concerns

  • Authority

    City of Verden (Aller)

    stashcat® offers a cross-departmental communication solution for the city of Verden.

  • Law
    Public Safety Authority

    Lower Saxony Police Department

    Faster manhunts and digital forensics for 25,000 police officers!

  • Transport

    AXTRA GmbH & Co. KG

    From the office to the driver to the customer! Flexible route planning and mobile accessibility in logistics.

  • Public Safety Authority

    Hytera Mobilfunk

    The perfect addition to voice radio!

  • Public Safety Authority

    Frequentis AG

    The control centre of the future is already a reality today!

  • Industry

    EGGERS Group

    Speeding up weapons recovery through digital and highly dynamic organisation!

  • Sports


    Professional and secure messenger for the exchange of important and personal data in professional sports.

  • Transport

    Regiobus Uhlendorff GmbH

    Direct line to the drivers - flexible exchange via messenger!

  • Consulting

    IT management consultancy Flo├č GmbH

    Renowned data protectionist Thomas Flo├č communicates simply and securely via High Secure Messenger.