Fast and secure communication for all

stashcat® in production

Communication in production

The communication channels in production do not have to be long.

Lack of transparency in many production sites, huge production halls and lengthy communication channels so messages never reach everyone on time. The daily exchange in production is a barrier to communication. The solution: Bring together your employees and external project participants directly and without cumbersome workarounds in a simple, mobile app.


Secure communication that reaches everyone quickly ÔÇô thanks to stashcat┬«

stashcat® covers the need in production for confidential, fast communication and the daily exchange of data, information and key figures. stashcat® combines the functions of messengers with video calling and Cloud applications like WhatsApp and Dropbox. The highly secure messenger can be used according to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) principle for all employees and on all mobile devices. stashcat® is hosted in Germany or in your data centre.


ThatÔÇÖs why you need stashcat┬« for your production!

stashcat® combines competencies along the value chain.

Farewell to barriers to communication in production. With the introduction of stashcat┬« in your shop floor management, relevant key figures such as backlogs or throughput times are now visible to everyone in production. This increases productivity and thus turnover. stashcat┬« offers more simple interfaces to communicate with all employees ÔÇô be it by video message or via channels ÔÇô and significantly improve production processes.

Video and voice calls

Start conferences with all employees simply and easily via video or VoIP

Synchronisation of folders

Transfer shift schedules from the server to mobile devices in real time.


Simply enter appointments in the built-in calendar, optionally synchronise them with your private calendar and share them with everyone.

Safe and certified

stashcat® enables secure, mobile number-independent communication via app, web or desktop client. stashcat® guarantees quality assurance under ISO 9001 27001, prevents product espionage with German servers and secures business data through the data safe.

Features tailored to production.

  • Really reach all employees, no training required

  • Add external project participants using guest accounts

  • Not linked to employees' private telephone numbers

Use Cases

Organisation of the shift plan

All employees within a location are connected to the app.


  • The central shift plan is synchronised via the calendar.

  • Sick notes are distributed directly, shift plans are changed.

  • Chats and channels are used to quickly coordinate replacements.

  • When the shift plan is updated, everyone is informed.

Combining skills

In many production sites, there is a lack of transparency. stashcat is introduced in your shop floor management.


  • Make relevant key figures such as backlogs or lead times visible to everyone in production.

  • Increase productivity and turnover through transparency.

  • Exchange relevant news quickly with colleagues in other production halls.

Solve problems faster

In production, the pressure is growing to deliver high-quality products on time and at the same time reduce throughput times, backlogs and missing parts to a minimum.


  • Fast and simple communication saves legwork.
  • In the event of problems, all contact persons can be contacted quickly via the channel.
  • Problems can be documented with photos and videos that are directly accessible to everyone.
  • 1:1 video calling or VoIP allow users to get in contact quickly.

Always up to date

The daily exchange of key figures and to-dos is indispensable in this day and age.


  • Morning video conferences to exchange information with the respective technical personnel.

  • Individual meetings via 1-to-1 video call or VoIP for rapid coordination.

  • Share current figures and information in channels with the responsible persons.

  • Create important meetings or appointments in the calendar and share them with colleagues.

More than 1 million users already rely on stashcat®

  • Authority

    City of Cologne

    stashcat® is convincing with easy handling, simple design and 100% security.

  • Party
    Lower Saxony

    CDU Lower Saxony

    Digital administration made easy - with stashcat® for CDU Lower Saxony branded as "Messenger".

  • Medicine
    Healthcare service


    Germany's healthcare system is going digital! Communication across locations in over 80 on-call practices.

  • Authority

    Borken District Administration

    Simple communication without security concerns

  • Authority

    City of Verden (Aller)

    stashcat® offers a cross-departmental communication solution for the city of Verden.

  • Law
    Public Safety Authority

    Lower Saxony Police Department

    Faster manhunts and digital forensics for 25,000 police officers!

  • Transport

    AXTRA GmbH & Co. KG

    From the office to the driver to the customer! Flexible route planning and mobile accessibility in logistics.

  • Public Safety Authority

    Hytera Mobilfunk

    The perfect addition to voice radio!

  • Public Safety Authority

    Frequentis AG

    The control centre of the future is already a reality today!

  • Industry

    EGGERS Group

    Speeding up weapons recovery through digital and highly dynamic organisation!

  • Sports


    Professional and secure messenger for the exchange of important and personal data in professional sports.

  • Transport

    Regiobus Uhlendorff GmbH

    Direct line to the drivers - flexible exchange via messenger!

  • Consulting

    IT management consultancy Flo├č GmbH

    Renowned data protectionist Thomas Flo├č communicates simply and securely via High Secure Messenger.