Secure real-time communication that reaches everyone

stashcat® for insurance & finance companies

Communication for insurance & finance companies

Your communication channels need not be long.

Lack of transparency in many places and in many offices, lengthy communication channels so messages never reach everyone on time. The daily exchange in insurance companies and in the financial sector is a barrier to communication.

The solution: Bring your employees and your large and business customers together directly and without cumbersome workarounds in a simple, mobile app.

Secure communication that reaches everyone quickly ÔÇô thanks to stashcat┬«

stashcat® covers the need for confidential, direct communication for your institution and provides a secure interface for the exchange of data, information and documents. stashcat® combines the functions of messengers with video calling and Cloud applications like WhatsApp and Dropbox. The highly secure messenger can be used according to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) principle for all employees and on all mobile devices. stashcat® is hosted in Germany or as an on price solution in your data centre.


ThatÔÇÖs why you need stashcat┬« for your communication

stashcat® offers global communication possibilities.

Say goodbye to barriers to communication in the insurance and financial sector. With the introduction of stashcat┬« in your institution, sensitive data is securely exchanged and protected with all parties involved. stashcat┬« offers simpler interfaces for communication with all employees ÔÇô whether by video message, broadcast or channel. With additional built-in survey options and a synchronisable calendar, you only need one tool to manage your communications in a privacy-compliant manner.

Video and voice calls

Contact major clients and business customers via video or VoIP.

Synchronisation of folders

Transfer product information and application forms from the server to mobile devices in real time.

Broadcast & read-only

Targeted dissemination of information through broadcasts and read-only channels without losing important messages.

Safe and certified 

stashcat® enables secure communication via app, web or desktop client, irrespective of the mobile phone number. stashcat® prevents product espionage with German servers, secures business data and guarantees the protection of sensitive data through data-secure and genuine end-to-end encryption.

Features tailored to you

  • Really reach all employees, no training required

  • Add external project participants using guest accounts

  • Not linked to employees' private telephone numbers

Use cases

Integrate customers with stashcat®

Major customers based in the city are currently having to limit appointments with external consultants. With stashcat®, the responsible consultant can hand over a license to the managing directors and create one channel for all customers.


  • Here, relevant products and application forms are transmitted as PDF.

  • With end-to-end encryption, customers can send signed contracts, sensitive data and business assessments without concerns.

  • The video chat function also replaces the subsequent personal consultation so that all appointments can take place as planned.

  • No calls are made via foreign servers.

Broadcast function for emergencies

stashcat was installed for all employees within a group of companies. The company uses many other programs and attaches great importance to the highest security standards. Unfortunately, after updating a piece of software, the IT department identified serious security vulnerabilities.


  • The broadcast function can be used to send a message to all employees that they should no longer use this function until another update is available.

  • All users can be reached with one click. The IT department can quickly resolve the problem and writes instructions regarding the update on the broadcast feed.

  • Even mobile employees in the field or at the end of the working day can be reached if they set their mobile phones so that broadcast messages always issue a tone when they arrive.

More than 1 million users already rely on stashcat®

  • Authority

    City of Cologne

    stashcat® is convincing with easy handling, simple design and 100% security.

  • Party
    Lower Saxony

    CDU Lower Saxony

    Digital administration made easy - with stashcat® for CDU Lower Saxony branded as "Messenger".

  • Medicine
    Healthcare service


    Germany's healthcare system is going digital! Communication across locations in over 80 on-call practices.

  • Authority

    Borken District Administration

    Simple communication without security concerns

  • Authority

    City of Verden (Aller)

    stashcat® offers a cross-departmental communication solution for the city of Verden.

  • Law
    Public Safety Authority

    Lower Saxony Police Department

    Faster manhunts and digital forensics for 25,000 police officers!

  • Transport

    AXTRA GmbH & Co. KG

    From the office to the driver to the customer! Flexible route planning and mobile accessibility in logistics.

  • Public Safety Authority

    Hytera Mobilfunk

    The perfect addition to voice radio!

  • Public Safety Authority

    Frequentis AG

    The control centre of the future is already a reality today!

  • Industry

    EGGERS Group

    Speeding up weapons recovery through digital and highly dynamic organisation!

  • Sports


    Professional and secure messenger for the exchange of important and personal data in professional sports.

  • Transport

    Regiobus Uhlendorff GmbH

    Direct line to the drivers - flexible exchange via messenger!

  • Consulting

    IT management consultancy Flo├č GmbH

    Renowned data protectionist Thomas Flo├č communicates simply and securely via High Secure Messenger.

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