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stashcat® in Action: Hytera Mobilfunk

Hytera and stashcat┬« ÔÇô a pioneering step towards secure communication!

Partner package of LTE multi-mode radios and the stashcat® Messenger for the secure exchange of information


By working with Hytera, we combine the best of both worlds.

Professional radios paired with functional messaging. Due to Hytera's years of experience in the field of integrated wireless solutions, we decided to integrate our messenger solution into multi-mode radios.

Project-specific features

stashcat®, the secure alternative to WhatsApp, is already an integral part of the corporate, operational and planning communications of numerous companies and authorities, including the police departments in Lower Saxony and Hesse.

  • Easily send a location to colleagues in the chat or channel.

  • Create your own #Channels for each area/team.

  • Synchronise user data via a connection to your Active Directory (LDAP).

The Hytera radio combined with the Highly Secure Messenger stashcat®

Highlights of the Hytera PTC760 - LTE/TETRA multi-mode radio:

The Hytera PTC760 Multi-Mode Advanced Radio is a revolutionary TETRA LTE hybrid radio that provides the ideal platform for critical voice communications and broadband data services. This radio with abundant features and numerous connectivity options is the ideal communications solution for critical situations.

  • TETRA and LTE in one device
  • SmartKey and large PTT button
  • High-resolution front and main camera with 4K HD video
  • Robust display with scratch- and shatterproof Gorilla┬« glass, IP67
  • Quick charging

Interesting stashcat® features on the PTC760:

The stashcat® messenger complements the PTC760 by providing additional important functions for secure incident communication. stashcat® offers emergency services a secure communication solution for exchanging, retrieving and storing text messages, documents or even photos in compliance with data protection regulations. The chat exchange is end-to-end encrypted and your files are protected by transport encryption.

  • Georeferencing
  • Individual and group chats as well as themed channels for communicating in a team
  • Private and shared file storage
  • Connection to the LDAP or Active Directory

[...] the perfect package for practical use. We use them to respond to real demands ÔÇô in particular, of security organisations and large industrial and utility companies, and in public transport.

It's fantastic to have a strong application partner at our side with stashcat®, and it's an important strategic step in the field of broadband. Together, we offer our customers individually tailored all-in-one device solutions. That's unique added value.

  • Marvin Gradtke Sales Manager at Hytera Mobilfunk
  • Frank Pauer Deputy CSO Hytera Mobilfunk

Current challenges in the context of critical incident communications

In order to ensure the safety of the population, emergency forces in the police have to communicate quickly with each other. When the radio networks of the authorities' own solutions fail and their systems become overloaded, smooth exchange of information becomes difficult. Furthermore, it is not possible to send photos via the existing solutions. Digital voice radio alone is therefore no longer sufficient as a means of communication.

The police, the fire brigade, emergency services and disaster management services require communication systems that have high availability and special features. Such a system needs, for example, to be reliable, stable and resilient and have a high level of security when it comes to transmitting information and data. Operational readiness must be continuously ensured, and it must be possible to form networks of any size.

For lack of alternatives, officials then resort to public messengers from American companies, such as WhatsApp, which turn out to not be bug-proof though in crisis situations.

What solution do Hytera and stashcat® offer as partners?

The Hytera PTC760 Multi-Mode Advanced Radio combines voice communication with broadband data services, enabling efficient communication between emergency personnel. The messenger stashcat┬«, as a component, offers additional features that are necessary in concrete deployment situations. For example, images and photos, etc., can be sent over the messenger in addition to  text messages. Videotelephony is also integrated. For emergency personnel, it is even easier to exchange information with one another ÔÇô when on patrol, in the case of an emergency call, at the place of deployment, during the journey to the incident location and in the duty area.

stashcat® as the base technology for critical incident communications

stashcat® is aimed at agencies and organisations with security responsibilities and covers the need for confidential communication and data exchange. In doing so, stashcat® combines the functions of messengers and cloud applications such as WhatsApp and Dropbox and provides a communication environment that complies with data protection standards. stashcat® is hosted in Germany or in the customer's data centre.

stashcat┬« offers other important features, such as end-to-end encryption and georeferencing. All mobile and stationary devices are supported. Individual task forces or groups of people communicate with one another and exchange documents, such as photos, via individual and group chats as well as themed channels. Since 2018, the messenger has been used by the Lower Saxony Police under the brand name "NIMes" (stands for "Lower Saxony messenger)  and by the Hessen Police under the brand name "HePolChat".

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