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stashcat® in Action: Lower Saxony Police Department

stashcat® introduced as NIMes for the Lower Saxony Police Department

Whether hunting criminals or planning shifts – stashcat® in use as the Lower Saxony messenger service


stashcat® – the secure and GDPR-compliant messenger service – has been used by the police in Lower Saxony since the start of 2018!

Guaranteed data sovereignty, the possibility to send person descriptions by photo, direct communication via a channel during large incidents, or the ease and great precision with which one can send locations are only some of the advantages that the Lower Saxony Police take advantage of with great enthusiasm. In response to repeated requests, use of a private end device was also made possible, while maintaining data protection.

stashcat® has proven to be a safe base technology for the police in Lower Saxony and satisfies all the legal and substantive requirements for data protection and data security.

Project-specific features

With stashcat®, communicate easily within teams on-the-go and confer with the control centre at any time. So, for example, manhunts can be quickly distributed to colleagues via the messenger, and teams in field service can be coordinated at any time, or arrangements made with the control centre.

  • End-to-end encrypted across all transmission paths.

  • Easily send a location to colleagues in the chat or channel.

  • Create your own #Channels for each area/team.

How you save time and simplify your daily work with stashcat®

Use case: Primary school student loses mother at folk festival

  • Mother reports the missing child to the folk festival's head of operations
  • Officials ask for facts about the child as well as a description and picture
  • Mother is able to provide a photo digitally via smartphone
  • Officials distribute the missing person report and photo via the incident channel to colleagues who are currently out and about at the folk festival and in the surrounding area 
  • On-duty officers exchange their locations and search radii via the messenger directly; officers with the mother also receive the information
  • The child is found. Officers forward the location and inform the mother

Benefits of using NIMes:

  • Exchange location information with pinpoint precision in just one click
  • Use photo transmission to make it easier to identify missing persons or suspects by viewing them directly
  • Send information immediately and directly, with no circumventions, to all involved – regardless of whether they're in planning or on duty
  • Official information such as shift changes or rosters in a secure environment – even if this information is exchanged on private end devices – thanks to end-to-end encryption of your chats and transport encryption of your files

It is important that we provide the police with the best possible technical facilities, which includes communications. That the police should have their own messenger, just as we are familiar with in our private lives, is correct and sensible. […]

[...] Receiving and sending texts or images in virtual real time – even on a voluntary basis using a private smartphone – closes an important gap in how information is controlled for the emergency services.

[...] Since we as police process very sensitive data, including, of course, citizens' personal data, it is, naturally, very important to us that we keep the data in our system and ensure that no third party can gain access to this data. […]

  • Thomas Adasch Member of the State Parliament, Chairman of the Committee for Internal Affairs and Sports in Lower Saxony
  • Boris Pistorius Lower Saxon Minister for Internal Affairs and Sport
  • Marco Trumtrar Chief Superintendent at the Central Police Headquarters of Lower Saxony

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