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stashcat® in Action: EGGERS Group

stashcat® and EGGERS weapons recovery – the utmost safety and precision combined

Extreme precision is essential for survival. Data encryption and coordination of projects with stashcat®


With stashcat®, EGGERS has found an opportunity to exchange quick and accurate information on the challenges of weapons recovery – hosted on its own server!

"There is data that should never leave a company". This wish of the owner, coupled with the requirement to cater to the needs employees and involved parties have for fast-paced information, was addressed with the introduction of stashcat® in 2018, and the foundation was laid for inter-company communication within the corporate network. EGGERS fired the starting shot for weapons recovery by means of operation on its own server – integration into the existing IT landscape was particularly important here. Precision when sharing locations, communication within defined work groups and their own document management framework round off the system.

Project-specific features

Quick and clear exchange of messages and files at individual locations or throughout the entire company.

  • Up-to-date user management via LDAP/AD on your own server.

  • Coordinate construction projects and administration in working groups.

  • Highlight and share a location, and share in channels or chat: precision is essential for survival

Weapon recovery even more than 70 years after the end of the war

Use case: Building site investigation due to suspected bomb

  • Construction site is reported by the property developer (in a central urban area)
  • Internal project meeting between the geophysics, surveying and construction
  • On-site analysis of the conditions, sharing of location, and documentation through photos and videos
  • Surface detection is implemented, with project documentation. Ongoing feedback in the project channel
  • Suspected bomb is reported and further measures discussed – efficient and fast communication is required due to the dangerous situation
  • The suspicion is not confirmed; the construction site is given clearance and forwarded to administration. Export of events is possible for clients via PDF export

Further stashcat® features for EGGERS:

  • Thanks to end-to-end encryption and hosting on your own server, you have absolute control of data yet, at the same time, dynamic communication
  • Exchange location information with pinpoint precision in just one click
  • Share precise current locations and mark future deployment areas so as to be able to move purposefully without risk of danger
  • Relay information immediately and directly to all parties involved – regardless of whether they're in the administrative department or in the field
  • LDAP/AD connection and integration into the existing IT landscape
  • Document management – no matter whether plans, photo documentation or geodata
  • Real-time transmission for the safety of all involved 

stashcat® has established itself as an ideal medium of communication and exchange in the highly dynamic organisational framework of weapons recovery. [...]

[...] To benefit everyone's safety, our weapons recovery operations alway strive to maintain the highest standards. stashcat® helps us do this – thanks to our own hosting, important matters remain safe and secure.

  • Oliver Geisler, Dipl.-Geophysiker Head of the GEO Service Department
  • Oliver Geisler, Dipl.-Geophysiker Head of the GEO Service Department

Highly dynamic work for maximum safety

The modern demands placed on communication media are becoming more and more complex, and are nowadays rightly occupied with issues such as privacy and efficiency. In addition to project-related communications, stashcat® also helps you motivate your employees by transmitting customer feedback between back-office staff and those in field service. Having an equal level of information promotes not only efficient collaboration, but also, to a great extent, the solidarity of team members.

In order to be able to react quickly and process orders in a timely manner, it is possible to directly transmit contracts to back-office staff, thanks to integrated file storage with folder synchronisation. So no time is lost and files are transferred in encrypted form.

The fast-paced working life repeatedly necessitates simple coordination and management of teams, departments and projects. With stashcat®, you will not only find a reliable partner for this, but also the possibility to create users automatically, to integrate them into the IT environment via an LDAP/AD connection and to manage contact groups with appropriate authorisations. 

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