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Digital management made easy - the High Secure Messenger stashcat® makes it possible

Using digital opportunities - the stashcat® messenger makes it possible


High Secure Messenger stashcat® for simple and secure communication

With almost 60,000 members, the CDU Lower Saxony is the party with the largest membership in Lower Saxony. This means that it faces the challenge of establishing simple and secure links with each other. stashcat® offers a remedy and ensures GDPR-compliant exchange.

Under the brand "Messenger CDU.direct", stashcat® covers the need for confidential communication and data exchange. The Messenger CDU.direct combines the functions of messengers and cloud applications, such as WhatsApp and Dropbox, and offers a data protection-compliant communication environment. The maintenance of the file storage is optional and is carried out independently by each user.

Digital linking by stashcat®

stashcat® provides a protected framework for the exchange of sensitive topics. Confidential documents are also safe in the messenger's file storage. The CDU Lower Saxony finds a secure communication platform in the GDPR-compliant messenger stashcat®.

  • Rapid exchange among or between constituencies.

  • All documents with one click. And 100% protected.

  • Dates at a glance, coordination made easy.

Perfect equipment at the national party conference

Party conference

  • The national party conference is coming up
  • The CDU Lower Saxony needs various documents for the speeches
  • A conclusion is to be drawn, how did it go for us?
  • The preparation is coordinated via the stashcat┬« messegner and required files are made available in the file storage

Everything at a glance

  • The CDU Lower Saxony created the channel "National party conference 2019" for the event and posted all important information for all members of the party here.
  • The members save their documents in their own stashcat┬« cloud.
  • After the national party conference, the survey tool made it possible to draw a quick conclusion about how the event went.
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Messenger CDU.direct in action

Members of the Lower Saxony CDU can exchange information with each other via individual chats. By forming groups, for example, local, district and county associations can enter into an exchange with their members. Documents such as task packages, presentations, videos, election programmes or schedules can be exchanged in conversations and groups. In addition, several members can discuss topics such as the election campaign and coordinate tasks via created channels. Regional as well as specialised groups can be formed.

This offers added value especially for CDU members who help organise the council and parliamentary group work of the CDU in Lower Saxony. The shared content and chats are strictly protected and cannot be viewed by third parties.


At a glance - the advantages:

  • Implementation of cross-party communication
  • Bug-proof exchange of messages through end-to-end encryption
  • Usability via desktop, web or app
  • Secure hosting in Germany

Messenger CDU.direct includes the following features:

  • Privacy compliant messenger
  • File management for the transfer and storage of important documents
  • End-to-end encrypted exchange of all content
  • Contact directory of all connected CDU members (visible to every user in the closed platform)
  • Chat functionalities and communication in topic-specific channels
  • Usability via apps (Android, iOS) in CDU design
  • Individual branding of the mobile apps



For the special demands of the CDU Lower Saxony on a communication solution, stashcat® provides a GDPR-compliant messenger with file storage under the brand "Messenger CDU.direct". Communication between local associations, district associations and state associations is ensured across the board.

The comprehensive functions provide the CDU with an overall solution for political communication. Especially with regard to data protection, data security and eavesdropping security of sensitive information, stashcat® offers special protection against unauthorised access by third parties through genuine end-to-end encryption and optional on-premise hosting.

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