Complex infrastructures

Your messenger - just as individual as your company structure

High security standards and simple usability

When deciding on stashcat®, not only the high security standards but also simple usability are important for numerous companies.

The switch from private messenger to a professional product - with a focus on security within the framework of the GDPR requirements - is often a challenge. Especially since all the important departments have to be involved.

A major strength of stashcat® is its ability to provide you with everything you need to map both simple and highly complex infrastructures. Your new messenger is capable of handling any organisational structure and size without any problems.

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  • You want to connect suppliers, distributors, law firms or agencies to your messenger without giving out or collecting phone numbers or individual email addresses?
  • Connecting several locations - even worldwide - to reach everyone, but limiting communication among employees to only certain channels and possibilities?
  • You are a large organisation and want to provide several 10,000 employees (even larger than 50,000) with important information in an uncomplicated way via a one-way channel?
  • Changing consultants and service providers should be given temporary access?
  • Video conferences should also be possible with external parties without direct Messenger access?
  • You want full control over who is allowed to use which tools of communication and within which limits?
  • Is your company looking for a messenger that provides strong employer branding with its own branding?

You set a high value on your data not leaving your own servers by using an OnPremise solution? stashcat® offers you all possibilities with few and easy-to-configure tools!

stashcat® is the solution!

OnPremise and Branding

With stashcat┬« you have a strong partner at your side when it comes to on-premise solutions and branding. We also provide numerous customers with stashcat┬« on their own branding and on their organisation's servers.


Multi-client capability

By using stashcat® you connect your organisation with suppliers, distributors, law firms or agencies without mixing up the communication structures. Each organisation receives its own instance (client). Give individuals or your entire organisation access to other instances in your organisational environment, e.g. via LDAP. Within stashcat® you can easily switch between the instances with just one click and receive cleanly separated organisational channels without information gaps.

Contact Lists

No company or organisation wants chaos within communication. Basically, in stashcat® you are able to provide the internal contact list so that all employees can interact with each other. You want only certain departments to be able to exchange information with each other? Define specific contact lists and thereby enable only those exchanges that are necessary and useful.

... and much more!

Mobile device management, open, protected and read-only channels, individual and group conversations, rights and role management, guest access, file storage with links for sharing with external parties and much more - with stashcat® you can create the necessary structures for the most effective communication channels and tools in your organisation in line with your requirements and demands!

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  • Authority

    City of Cologne

    stashcat® is convincing with easy handling, simple design and 100% security.

  • Party
    Lower Saxony

    CDU Lower Saxony

    Digital administration made easy - with stashcat® for CDU Lower Saxony branded as "Messenger".

  • Medicine
    Healthcare service


    Germany's healthcare system is going digital! Communication across locations in over 80 on-call practices.

  • Authority

    Borken District Administration

    Simple communication without security concerns

  • Authority

    City of Verden (Aller)

    stashcat® offers a cross-departmental communication solution for the city of Verden.

  • Law
    Public Safety Authority

    Lower Saxony Police Department

    Faster manhunts and digital forensics for 25,000 police officers!

  • Transport

    AXTRA GmbH & Co. KG

    From the office to the driver to the customer! Flexible route planning and mobile accessibility in logistics.

  • Public Safety Authority

    Hytera Mobilfunk

    The perfect addition to voice radio!

  • Public Safety Authority

    Frequentis AG

    The control centre of the future is already a reality today!

  • Industry

    EGGERS Group

    Speeding up weapons recovery through digital and highly dynamic organisation!

  • Sports


    Professional and secure messenger for the exchange of important and personal data in professional sports.

  • Transport

    Regiobus Uhlendorff GmbH

    Direct line to the drivers - flexible exchange via messenger!

  • Consulting

    IT management consultancy Flo├č GmbH

    Renowned data protectionist Thomas Flo├č communicates simply and securely via High Secure Messenger.