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Up to now, you know stashcat as the messenger for in-house communication. In the future, you will be able to use the platform for communication and digital work beyond your company or authority! Through the federative connection with other organizations, you create interoperability and extend your #favorite messenger with any functions for workflows via chat bot.


This allows stashcat to integrate perfectly with your federated strategy.

Server Connect

With the Server Connect technology, we enable cross-technology communication between stashcat and matrix servers. Networking takes place either via the Internet or VPN. You have the option of connecting cloud and on-premises environments.

Chat Bot

The chat bot is an artificial intelligence that can be equipped with predefined as well as individual commands to simplify users’ access to information and to control internal functions as well as external connections.


stashcat continues to open up to external applications. The selection of external applications is made available in our Marketplace. For developers we provide our API documentation. This way we enable our customers to realize their very own requirements.

All possibilities – Full control

The use of stashcat e.g. by German state police forces, the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief and the state of Lower Austria has already proven:


stashcat is ideally suited to help large organizations, even with several tenthousands of users, with modern, digital communication and collaboration. Even complex infrastructures of companies can be mapped perfectly in stashcat. With different types of conversations, the internal contact book with contact groups and detailed role and rights management, your organization will work with all the benefits of modern tools in the future – and with full control by management and IT leadership.


With Server Connect’s federated approach, you’ll be able to connect not only inside your company, but also with suppliers, project partners, service providers, subcontractors, and other company locations. And best of all: “Open Source Ready” means that you can connect not only stashcat servers. Any other messenger based on the matrix protocol can also be integrated into your communication!

Cut costs and effort

By using a uniform standard, you automatically reduce effort and costs.

Use only one app

You only need stashcat to communicate across sites or organizations, dramatically shortening response times.

Individual hosting

Use stashcat as software as a service, private cloud or on-premises.


Interoperable and easy communication between all messengers based on the Matrix protocol.

Mr. Miller's rocky road to the new age

From "being the problem"
to "being the solution"

Mr. Miller from the IT department has a problem: It’s his fault when files disappear, when e-mails don’t arrive or when it takes ages to coordinate an appointment.
The structure of his office’s file system is longer than the Great Wall of China, and the data that should be available online has by now not been lifted out of its file grave and digitized.


For the other colleagues, Mr. Miller is the “IT problem,” but he would like to be the solution for once. That’s why he decides to push his organization into the digital age. To do this, he uses stashcat.

"What happens in stashcat stays in stashcat".

Everything that is said on stashcat in video calls, posted in voice messages, or shared in any form in group chats stays on stashcat. As sure as the mystery of the location of the Amber Room. We understand each other, don’t we? (Edward Snowden likes this)


stashcat is the business messenger for in-house communication. It offers GDPR-compliant, secure solutions to enable public authorities and companies to communicate with each other easily, quickly and securely. stashcat combines all the tools that we no longer want to be without: Quickly send a voicemail to a colleague with important meeting info, handle polls in the survey tool, share files and hold video calls. Synchronize appointments and save everything in a shared cloud. Compatible with smartphone, PC or MAC.

As soon as Mr. Miller approaches the head of department, Ms. Kamieth, with the idea, he realizes: no chance. Ms. Kamieth is sipping her coffee and wearing her favorite shirt today again with the slogan: “Everything used to be better.” Therefore, her response to Mr. Miller’s idea of using stashcat is: Everything here will remain as it is!


Well, where will we end up if we change, optimize and simplify the existing? Maybe into a world that sets a course for us instead of putting stones in our (working) way. If we closed ourselves off to change, Kanye West would still be a nice musician from next door, the car atlas would be our Google Maps and the earth would probably be a disc.

No more faxes

But Ms. Kamieth’s attention grows when Mr. Miller tells her about stashcat:
She imagines how her department could now even call on the help of chat bots. Simply enter the person’s name and date of birth and bang: all data is instantly retrieved. No archive searches, no hours of phone calls about where this and that file might be, and most importantly, no more faxes. The API allows you to develop extensions to connect to other tools and data sources. These extensions can also be offered and purchased via the Marketplace.


But stashcat enables you to do even more: servers of any organization across the country, across Europe, even across the world can be connected. And as open source is already helping so many organizations digitize, stashcat goes one step further and becomes open source ready. This means that not only organizations that use stashcat can connect, but also all messenger systems that use the Matrix standard.


And the best part? The authority’s data is so secure that not even the CEO of stashcat has access to it.

Now stashcat offers not only the secure alternative to the usual insecure communication services. The messenger enhances with the chat bot, the marketplace, server connect and many more features. Mr. Miller is thereby lifting his organization into the digital age and bringing the vision of “new work” to life.


“So,” says Ms. Kamieth, “when the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills, and I would really like to get rid of the fax and have this chat bot instead. Can you do that?”

Interoperability, security and reliability – that’s what stashcat stands for. But what do the functions look like in practice? Find out in our use cases:

Get through the crisis securely with stashcat

Jens B. is head of crisis communications for the city of Cologne. He is responsible for ensuring that the important contact persons: inside are networked with each other in a crisis. The Cologne city administration is the city’s largest service provider, with around 22,000 employees in more than 700 professions. In the event of a crisis, communication must run smoothly. This is only possible with stashcat.


On Saturday afternoon, Jens B. receives an urgent message on his work mobile phone: A bomb from World War II has been found in downtown Cologne. All residents have to be evacuated. To ensure rapid communication, Jens B. creates a stashcat channel #Evacuation_City and invites everyone involved.


Among them are the contact persons at the Technical Relief Organization, the Cologne police and the fire department. During the crisis team meetings, minutes, decrees and other files are created or made available. All confidential documents are stored exclusively in the file repository of stashcat. stashcat is now interoperable and open source ready. Thus, everyone benefits from the fact that matrix-based messengers can now be connected via stashcat Server Connect and included in the communication.


In addition, the new function of stashcat makes it possible for police and fire departments as well as administration and technical relief organizations to communicate with each other.


Through the new Marketplace, the fire department makes its internal “capacities” app available directly in stashcat: Here, all evacuation site managers can enter their capacities and be checked for load capacity. As soon as a gym or school is at capacity with evacuees, it appears red on the map and does not need to be approached / offered further. The relief organization thus knows which places they can arrange and which are overloaded.


And Jens B.? He can control the communication and organization of the evacuation from anywhere and is reliably available via stashcat.

The new features

Server Connect

So far you know stashcat as the messenger for in-house communication – with Server Connect not only stashcat servers but additionally all other messenger services based on Matrix protocol standard can connect in the future.

  • Optional connection of cloud and on-prem servers.
  • Cross-technology communication between stashcat and Matrix servers.
  • Networking via Internet or VPN.
  • A common pool of IDs is created from the connected servers.

Chat Bot

The new chat bot from stashcat enables you to map your existing workflows straight into the platform. This ensures more comfortable and faster work for your organization – not only on stationary but also on mobile devices.

  • Make workflows available straight into stashcat using extensions
  • Easy availability via chat bots
  • Well documented API is available for custom extension development

And because the future does not wait ...

Technical development never stops and is advancing at an ever-increasing pace. stashcat’s chat bot extensions will make it particularly easy for companies and government agencies to integrate technical innovations into their communication and collaboration structure in the future. Your organization and employees should have quick and easy access to it. For this purpose, stashcat will soon integrate a marketplace directly into the platform as the number of extensions increases.


Individual development with the provided API allows you to optimally map the workflows of your employees in stashcat. But stashcat goes even further: In the future, the platform will also offer your organization applications in the Marketplace with interfaces to widely used, but also industry-specific applications.

  • Extension and connection to third-party providers through interface and marketplace
  • Perfectly customizable: Extensions according to your needs
  • Functional extensions with one click
  • Control the possibilities of your employees precisely via role and rights management

Keynote at the Police Congress in Berlin

The federal platform for cross-border cooperation


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In his fascinating presentation at the 26th European Police Congress in Berlin, Christopher Bick, CEO of stashcat, talks about the importance of secure digital communication in the BOS sector. He presents the platform “stashcat Connect” for cross-border cooperation in Europe and emphasizes the possibilities of federated messenger solutions and interoperability. The successful international cooperation in the fight against cybercrime shows the enormous potential of such technologies for police and critical infrastructure.

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