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How do I check the read receipt (delivery status) of a message?

The status of messages sent in stashcat is represented by icons on the “message bubble”. The sending status is affected by both the account status and the privacy settings of the conversation partners.

Display of three points on a message

(pale designed “news bubble”)

  • The message has not been sent yet or is in the process of being sent.
Display of a check mark on a message
  • The message has been sent and successfully delivered by the server and has thus reached the recipient.
  • One or more users have read a message, but disabled the read receipt.
  • The message was only transmitted to the server, but not delivered:
    • because no end devices are online or
    • the user has not yet activated his account.
Display of a double check mark on a message
  • At least one user with read receipt enabled has read the message.
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