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Instant emergency communication with the High Secure Messenger stashcat®

Challenge: reliable but also efficient reporting chains


The solution: an immediately usable, central, encrypted and GDPR-compliant messenger platform for immediate internal and cross-organizational communication between all participants, even on private end devices.

Bundle communication immediately across authority and organisational borders, even national borders.

stashcat® is already in use by the German Federal Armed Forces and the police forces of Lower Saxony and Hesse, among others. You don't need any telephone or mobile phone numbers to reach all participants immediately and simultaneously at the push

In situations such as a corona infection or storm warning occurring in the region and in the implementation of your emergency plans, central, fast and reliable communication between all parties involved plays a decisive role.

The challenge is to make the reporting chains reliable, but also efficient in both communication directions.

Currently, e-mail distribution lists are used for this purpose, which have weaknesses in terms of speed and reliability. In an emergency, however, "instant" communication is required both from the position upwards and upside down from a central location to all executing agencies.

stashcat® is your solution, for a modern and much faster and error-free communication method accepted by all parties involved, instead of e-mail.

This is how stashcat® works!

stashcat® is a highly secure, end-to-end encrypted and GDPR-compliant WhatsApp alternative that can be installed within minutes and is ready for immediate use.

This makes it possible to connect all parties involved across organizations within a very short time. They can then easily exchange information, pictures, documents and videos in chats either directly with each other or in groups. It's as simple as usual with WhatsApp, but secure and also permitted for sensitive data.

The whole thing works without your own business mobile phones, GDPR-compliant on the private mobile phones of employees* and can therefore be rolled out in the shortest time and at low cost. The police in Lower Saxony has been using stashcat for years for the internal police communication of all 23,500 police employees on private end devices!

The individual participating organizations and their employees* can be bundled and grouped via various settings options. Thus it is also possible to limit or extend communication possibilities among each other according to reporting chains. Likewise, in such a case of use on private devices, the stashcat® app is structured in such a way that received data can only be forwarded in stashcat, but cannot be copied out if necessary. New users* can, if they are authorized, simply register via a link provided to them and get started immediately.

This makes it possible, within 24 hours, to bundle all persons involved in the emergency communication and elimination in a central, fast and efficient communication platform.

It is important that we provide the police with the best possible technical facilities, which includes communications. That the police should have their own messenger, just as we are familiar with in our private lives, is correct and sensible. […]

[...] Receiving and sending texts or images in virtual real time – even on a voluntary basis using a private smartphone – closes an important gap in how information is controlled for the emergency services.

[...] Since we as police process very sensitive data, including, of course, citizens' personal data, it is, naturally, very important to us that we keep the data in our system and ensure that no third party can gain access to this data. […]

  • Thomas Adasch Member of the State Parliament, Chairman of the Committee for Internal Affairs and Sports in Lower Saxony
  • Boris Pistorius Lower Saxon Minister for Internal Affairs and Sport
  • Marco Trumtrar Chief Superintendent at the Central Police Headquarters of Lower Saxony

The stashcat® technology is also used by the police in Hesse and the German Federal Armed Forces.

An integrated calendar and a survey module are also available, which also have practical benefits in specific cases. For example, if you can ask all participants about certain statuses within minutes via a survey. The calendar also enables the central or decentralized organization of appointments on a local or global level between all participants.

The system is currently used by 500,000 users* and has proven itself. It is immediately available and ready for use and is available for all platforms via desktop, app and browser. IOS, Android, Windows, and Mac as well as Linux. The app can be downloaded and used immediately and directly from the Appstore.

Other additional features are: Voice mail, location transmission and tracking, file storage and management, photo and video function, direct translation of messages.

We would be glad to support you with the implementation at short notice!

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