Disable Push Notifications for specific days and times

Suppress Push Notifications for specific Channels or Conversations by muting them. In the Google Android app, you can use “Do Not Disturb” mode to disable all Push Notifications for specified days and time slots. If you don’t want to receive any Push Notifications for new messages in a Chat for a certain period of time, it can be muted for a period of time between one hour and one year. This allows you to concentrate on your current task or use the functions to not be interrupted during important meetings.

Mute single Channels, Conversations or the whole Messenger

  • Selective deactivation of Push Notifications for individual Channels and Chats or – in the Google Android App – for the whole Messenger (“Do not disturb” mode)
  • Periods between 1 hour and 1 year selectable
  • In “Do not disturb” mode, select days and time windows
  • Effective across all devices used

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