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In his fascinating presentation at the 26th European Police Congress in Berlin, Christopher Bick, CEO of stashcat, talks about the importance of secure digital communication in the BOS sector. He presents the platform "stashcat Connect" for cross-border cooperation in Europe and emphasizes the possibilities of federated messenger solutions and interoperability. The successful international cooperation in the fight against cybercrime shows the enormous potential of such technologies for police and critical infrastructure.
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New communication possibilities for police forces, authorities & KRITIS

Christopher Bick, CEO of stashcat, highlighted the importance of federated messengers for digital police communication in a fascinating presentation at this year’s 26th European Police Congress in Berlin. He provided a comprehensive overview of the current state of digital police communication in Germany and Europe and emphasized the cross-border opportunities for improved cooperation and understanding.


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A central theme of the presentation was the importance of federated messenger solutions and interoperability. Bick emphasized that stashcat’s technology, stashcat connect, enables seamless communication across different platforms – without bridging. Bridging can be a security issue when exchanging data between different messenger services, as data must be decrypted and re-encrypted along the way. stashcat circumvents this issue by using the Matrix unified communication protocol, providing secure and efficient communication.

Various police agencies at state and federal level are already using secure messenger services based on stashcat – such as Julius in Hesse, NIMes in Lower Saxony and mKOM in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Bick emphasized the possibilities that this technology offers for effective and secure communication between emergency forces. The successful integration of stashcat into police communication systems has already shown that encrypted, interoperable and reliable real-time communication is not only possible, but also actively contributes to more effective and secure police work.

It is particularly encouraging that the topic of secure communications is also attracting a great deal of interest in the healthcare sector. Gematik, which is responsible for digitization in the German healthcare sector, is actively working on solutions to improve communication between doctors, hospitals and patients. Federated messenger solutions such as stashcat in combination with stashcat Connect can help to securely exchange confidential medical information and thus increase the quality of care.

The growing importance of these technologies for cross-border cooperation between police, authorities and critical infrastructures (CRITIS) underscores their enormous potential. In April 2023, international cooperation between Europol, the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the FBI and other international police forces achieved a remarkable success in the fight against organized cybercrime and the “Genesis Market” platform. By using a secure and interoperable communication infrastructure, sensitive information can be protected and efficiently exchanged during such operations. The successful demonstration of stashcat connect has shown that this vision has already become a reality.


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Looking to the future, Bick expressed optimism and emphasized the need for increased cooperation between different stakeholders to further advance the development and implementation of federated messenger solutions. Close cooperation between government agencies, businesses, and the state and federal Innovation Hubs is critical to ensuring the security and effectiveness of communications in various areas and advancing technological development, he said.

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